Monday, June 1, 2015

Its time to bounce back

Now it has been almost 9 months in this journey and I felt like not having any progress at all. Or should I say that I have not written anything formal for my research. Not saying that I'm wasting my time by not doing anything; I did read and still gathering all the journals for my research. Its just I did not WRITE. Full stop!

Its time to bounce back and start a new style of working. From now I should start writing up my literature review and drafting my annual review report.

To do list ;

- literature review : due 14/6/15
- annual review report (draft) : due 30/6/15
- visualise research timeline
- understand probability & bayesian belief network
- take Mathlab course
- latex for presentation slides

Hopefully that I manage to complete the task before going back for my brother's wedding in end of August.

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