Thursday, April 30, 2015

Improving my ability to explain things better

Assalamualaikum & Good Morning

One thing for sure, I have difficulties in explaining things to other people. Which is hard when you are doing research. Remember that I told you that I have my presentation in my last post? Yeah, it was yesterday. Huhu I felt bad for myself because I did not manage to convey my presentation as it should be because I was too nervous and not used to; 1) speak in front of the people 2) cannot explain things in a proper way or as it should be. After the presentation, some friends came and said they like my topic but at a certain point they did not get the idea of what am i trying to explain. And later, I met with my supervisor, he said that I need to practise how to explain the ideas more because in the future I have to present in conferences and workshops. So I think this the right time where I have to find my courage to overcome fear of talking in front of the people and remind myself that I can do it. 

p/s: am used to work behind a machine and I don't talk too much. Shy person!!

My dear friends, please make doa for my success and Allah give me a smooth sailing journey. Be happy always :)

Take care


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