Monday, March 3, 2014

It's March and 2014

Well Hello 2014! Even though its March. Phew after 1 year of long silence I manage to write a bit in this blog.

What happened last year, naa nothing much but last year I managed to secure a scholarship for my study. Will blog about it later ;) But I guessed last year was a relax year for me. Everything when smoothly. Yeay finally my childhood dream come true ;)

Starting my 2014 with performing Umrah with my family and my lovable husband. It was a memorable experience to us. A journey to be near to our creator, Masyaallah so peaceful and no words can describe. Our promises that if permits by Allah we will go there again Insyaallah, Amin.  And Half this year, I'll be working as usual and maybe Insyaallah in Sept or Oct I will be flying to UK to continue my studies. Wish me luck guys.. I am hopping that things will go accordingly *cries supervisors and universities registration* Ya Allah please ease my path to be success in what ever I do. Aminn. Its a new turning point for me because I will be far away from them. No worries as that was technology for,the difference only is the time zone. Hello mak abah n adik2 nanti boleh la melawat kaklong kat sana ye! :P Another reason to jalan2. Hahaha

Lastly my resolutions for this year, is to study smarthard, build up a family, be happy and enjoy my new journey with a new environment. Oh not to forget to become a better muslimah.. Aminn ya rabbalalamin.

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aZZa said...

hi yana.. lama tak nampak.. me pun dah lama tak jenguk blog then nampak latest update entry ni..

wahh tahniah.. is it HLP scholarship? nak tau pasal HLP tu.. last year dgr2 HLP mcm dah strict skit nak apply..