Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Resolutions

Assalamualaikum & Morning

How's everyone? Hopefully u will be bless with a great health and happiness all around. Me? Alhamdullillah still alive and kicking day by day. 

Year 2012 had been great to me and my family. Marked my 1st anniversary in June, finally received a windfall after 4 years of waiting ;) Manage to present my dad a Victorinox Swiss Army timepiece and mom a Coach handbag with my hard earned money, got my iphone5 (TQ hubs), no new bags for this year saving up for this year InsyaAllah (hopefully my dream comes true this year.. aminn). Treat my bros n sista, went to hatyai with my lovely BFF. And many more as i can't recall what else ;p 2012 was my lucky year i think. And thankful to ALLAH for granting almost my wishes.

2013? another 363 days to go through and i pray to ALLAH please let me and my family lots of happiness, wealth, health, benefits to all of us. Make us nearer to u ALLAH. InsyaAllah if permits my mom and dad will perform their hajj end of this year. Pls Allah make it easy for them. To my bros n sistas, all the best and remember family is everything that we have and stay together always no matter what happens. To hubs, always stay the same but of cos i hope u'll be the leader to the family and always love me n our family forever. Wish u all the best in what ever u do and generate more income dear.. hehe ;) Hopefully our holiday plan will flow smoothly. For ME, i want to be a better person, lovely daughter, cool kaklong, lovely wife, insyaAllah if Allah permits sporting mommy (hoping the best this year), make more income and enjoy my life to the fullest.. Before i forget, I want more bags.. Muahahha hubs take note ok ;p

Ya Allah murahkan la rezeki kami dan mudahkan la segala urusan kami

Till then..

Bye 2012
Welcome 2013


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