Sunday, June 12, 2011

Save the date

I'm proudly to announce that I'm getting married soon...5 days more to to go ;p

So lovelies do save this date and ur welcome to our wedding

17 June 2011 ( Friday) will be the solemnisation

18 June 2011 (Saturday) reception day!!!

wehuuuu i get to be doll up by my favourite MUA..among the best in Malaysia and hopefully i will be pretty like other brides

well that explains why this blog soo suram with entry...and i do hope i will be on track after the wedding ends..insyaAllah will do reviews on vendors..(not promising anything tho..thee)

Did i mention that my wedding its a home wedding..yup i insists it so that i can mingle around with all of friends and intimate wedding ;)

Wish me luck and have a happy and great marriage!!!


FarahBaek said...

saye ade lah tetamu yg wajib hadir...hehehhe

jetsetter said...

i hope to see u on 18th!
muahh :-)

yaNa MaLeK said...

FarahBaek : yup, mmg wajib pon..thanks dear for coming :p

jetsetter : yeay thanks babe for last dapat jugak jmp u n family ;) sorry can't make it for kazim's birthday...

yanie said...

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