Monday, January 24, 2011

Need Help!! Blackberry Torch vs Iphone 4

Need Help from u guys as i'm contemplating between 
BlackBerry Torch 


Iphone 4

which one should i get??

as far as everybody said blackeberry normally for those who in business and iphone more to somebody who like or love to explore more apps and they have lots of interesting apps to play with..
what ar the pros and cons between these two..

Kindly give ur best review!! thanks

pic : google


cc said...

i'm definitely will vote for iP as i'm an iP user. dah dpt iP xnak pakai mobile lain okeh. seruis best!

BB sbb ada BBM je, functions lain sume kalah dgn iP :p

pic quality iP4 sangat la cantekkk!

C!kpuanmuda® said...

sokong cc.