Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bye-bye 2010 and Welcome 2011

Hello & Morning Gorgeous people out there

Wishing u all a Happy New Year and be Bless with a prosperous year ahead!!
So what's your resolutions?? 

For me 2010 has been a year full of memories and taught me what life means actually and also me become more wiser in making decisions...known people that really inspired me and how do they enjoy their life's at the same time...and also taught me to be more 'sabar'..hehehe

As for 2011, i would say is  my life will turn 360 degrees and i'm looking forward to it ;p Hopefully all that i wishes for will come true and i will cherish it for all my life..Aminn InsyaAllah 

So here is my wishlist/resolutions/wishes for 2011 ( hehhehe notice i put wishlist first instead of resolutions)

1.  be a better person to myself & family & friend(s)
2. be a better daughter & sister
3. be a better **** to *ehemm* and have a great experience together
4. be more patient and more wiser and more organize
5. having a time of my life and cherish all the moments with my love ones
6. be 'rajin' and learn how to cook properly ;p
7. learn to love everyone/people that love me most
8. have my OWN NEW CAR
9. have more BAG(s) and i go for quality instead of quantity
10. I need a NEW Camera to documents and keep all the memories of my life...ASAP please and still looking and waiting..hehhe LEICA in my mind ;)
11. more holidays and travel experience(s) to anywhere with my dearest...especially London/Europe trip *wink wink*
12. haaa i lupa..i think is important Don't be Stress Out 
13. Be healthy and live life to the fullest
That's all that i can think for now and don't worry that this list will expand anytime soon..whooot whoot especially 'my wishlist'

Oh I want/need a new necklace with lovely pendant pretty pleaseeee a simple and beautiful yeah!!!!

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