Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We Must


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Congrats Little Bro

As u all know today PMR result released and i have my little bro who took that exam

yup my youngest bro..Farid and our family called him Ayet

Congrats to HIM as he managed to get 7A 1B Alhamdullillah..aiyooo so sad how come u got B in english

so sayang laaa but anyways we all in the family were very thankful to ALLAH

in the mean time, i'm actually very proud of him because he such a playful boy that hooked 24 by 7 with online games and computers..owh ok a bit exaggeration there..mind u that i always shouts at him..hello boy u tengah nak exam still main game lagi..waaa could not understand laa how boy used to study..i bet they all study smart ;p

we all hope the best for U and hopefully u get to enter the boarding school bet it MRSM or what just like US..i'm sure u will treasure every second of it and there is many things that u can learn there and being independent..

Congrats also to my 2 cousins 

Syazwan - 7A 1B ( b.melayu -B)
Azamuddin - 8A

All the best for your future undertaking and believe me there are lots for u to experience and achieves

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Saturday, December 4, 2010

jalan-jalan cari pasal...

My sister just got back from Uitm for a semester break..yeay for me as i have someone to teman for shopping and few weekends back we decided to check out the mall as i dah lama tidak membeli-belah and being a good girl at home..and not spending on things for couples of month so my hand is itching for something for every gurl out there..if u get what i mean :))) lagipun sekarang Y.E.S kan so why not!! 

we all bertolak dari rumah awal as i need to send my mom and dad to bangunan MAS...actually i don't know apa nama bangunan tu...hehehhehe then after that off we go to Midvalley and park at The Gardens..i prefer there sebab senang cari the rest let the pictures do the talking...honestly bila masuk entrance terasa vibe Y.E.S coz semua shops ada discounts..i macam nak gila ok!!! as i told my sister that "rasa cam nak nangis..huhuhu...tgk sales everywhere.." then we all gelakk-gelak...

Charles and Keith clutch - i bought 2 instead of and beige 
Vincci cute flats - my sister
Some L'occitane travel promotions..did i told u that i'm so in love with l'oocitane ( but SA @Midvalley was so not friendly as @KLCC..)
Went into Coach but we didn't get anything walaupun macam nak terbeli something..heheh have to consult with my financial advisor first..hehhee
Tops and Jeans was not up to my KIV dulu
Same goes to heels and flats..exception for Crocs..i must get 1 some time for travelling purposes

See i'm a good girl still can control myself during sale!!!