Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ecotools brushes !!!

Found this brand while flipping thru magazine..yup magazine memang supply every month ;p xhingat magazine apa but memang review pasal ecotools makeup brush memang ok ..kira menang award kot xsilap..(sorry kalau salah fakta :)))..actually i memang tengah searching for makeup brushes yang gud with affordable price..dah beli from bobbi brown and body shop..mak oiii mahal ok..only certain brushes je laa i googled nak cari reviews betul ke ok and rata-rata this kind of brand memang ok and best..trus zasss ke Ampang Point sebab tau ada Shins..Sapa yang berminat this brand memang ada jual kt semua branch Shins...or u can purchased it online and look for promotions as well.. Ecotools bukan hanya ada beauty tools  but they also have body and bath collections.. i have yet to try them.. u can check them out!!! honestly i'm not a makeup girl even pegi office pon xpakai makeup. i only makeup bila keluar jalan-jalan or function or ikut kerajinan..muahahha.. but i think i should start light2 boleh check and my bobbi brown makeup check :D

 great for mineral makeup and hey its earth friendly beauty

consists of 4 brushes : mineral powder brush,concealer brush, eye shading brush and baby kabuki..and u also received a cosmetic bag

murah kan for a daily brush set and its in travel size too
complete for all day look and when u always on the go

the bristles is so soft and gentle to ur skin

* Bamboo handle has low impact on the earth's resources as it is from highly sustainable plant
* Synthetic tacklon bristles are 100% cruelty free
* Sleek ferrule is made from recycle aluminum
* Cosmetic bag is made from natural cotton and hemp
* Reusable storage pouch

Green Tip : Find way to reduce your impact. On average a person uses 4.4 pounds of solid waste each day.  This add up to almost a ton of trash per person per year


reena said...

Babeeee! I've been looking for this ecotool brush since i saw in Cleo! I suka sebab murah. Kekeke :p Alaaaa ada jual kat Shins ja ka? Tempat lain tak dak ka? Hmmm..

yaNa MaLeK said...

reena : haaa Cleo it is!! ;p
not sure bout other places but mostly said kt Shins ada.. i pon suka sebab murah :D

Aida Narina said...

hello yana, remember that u did asked me to get you brushes for your daily use? at last, u managed to get it yourself. I'm really sorry for not being helpful dear. Actually, back in London before my flight home, I purchased this brush (the big ones) at Boots. Loving it to pieces! Looking at the price here in Malaysia, I'm sure that I've paid more back in london, sobs. Great purchase to u btw :)

cc said...

lembut x? lembut x?

berus besaq2 nih mmg utk mineral make ups sajork kn? ke blh guna utk make up lain jugak? i confuse hehe

yaNa MaLeK said...

Aida Narina : hey there!! no worries dear, i knew that ur so busy juggling things back then rite. owhh is it this brush that u told me before? yup me loving it soft kan..kira berbaloi laa nak beli for daily use;p


cc : lembutttttt sangatttttttttt...hehehe..

alamak u salah orang la tny soalan pasal makeup kt i,hehehe i xpandai sangat as i makeup pon main bantai je as long as not to heavy or cm opera cina..muahahhaha but i think this brush sesuai utk mineral makeup as stated there and boleh je utk makeup lain ;p

psstttt i mineral makeup pon xtau ape..boleh x?