Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthday Present

Sekarang ni i'm such a lazy bum..nak update blog pon berkurun...well apa lagi excuses yang ehummmm keja opis banyak and not to mention last week baru submit assignment..yup 2 lagi ok..terkejar-kejar i buat..

So today i nak share dengan u'oll my bday pressie for this year..As for this year i got best ever gift coz it's all from my BFF the one and only i love ;p

Dah lama ok dapat..imagine laa my bday was in August but now dah November baru nak update...but it's ok better late than never kan...hehehhehe 

I also celebrate my bday at JB with my BFF..they present me with the cake..and we chatted all night long..what else gossiping laaa :D

Ok hadiah idaman sekarang boleh laa slash one of my wishlist..

Now presenting....

Thanks and Love U soo muchhhh

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