Monday, November 29, 2010

Perasaan di saat ini..




titik. sekian

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ecotools brushes !!!

Found this brand while flipping thru magazine..yup magazine memang supply every month ;p xhingat magazine apa but memang review pasal ecotools makeup brush memang ok ..kira menang award kot xsilap..(sorry kalau salah fakta :)))..actually i memang tengah searching for makeup brushes yang gud with affordable price..dah beli from bobbi brown and body shop..mak oiii mahal ok..only certain brushes je laa i googled nak cari reviews betul ke ok and rata-rata this kind of brand memang ok and best..trus zasss ke Ampang Point sebab tau ada Shins..Sapa yang berminat this brand memang ada jual kt semua branch Shins...or u can purchased it online and look for promotions as well.. Ecotools bukan hanya ada beauty tools  but they also have body and bath collections.. i have yet to try them.. u can check them out!!! honestly i'm not a makeup girl even pegi office pon xpakai makeup. i only makeup bila keluar jalan-jalan or function or ikut kerajinan..muahahha.. but i think i should start light2 boleh check and my bobbi brown makeup check :D

 great for mineral makeup and hey its earth friendly beauty

consists of 4 brushes : mineral powder brush,concealer brush, eye shading brush and baby kabuki..and u also received a cosmetic bag

murah kan for a daily brush set and its in travel size too
complete for all day look and when u always on the go

the bristles is so soft and gentle to ur skin

* Bamboo handle has low impact on the earth's resources as it is from highly sustainable plant
* Synthetic tacklon bristles are 100% cruelty free
* Sleek ferrule is made from recycle aluminum
* Cosmetic bag is made from natural cotton and hemp
* Reusable storage pouch

Green Tip : Find way to reduce your impact. On average a person uses 4.4 pounds of solid waste each day.  This add up to almost a ton of trash per person per year

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Membeli-belah di L'occitane

Ingat lagi entry yang INI ??!?!?!...kan dah kata i memang suka product natural ni...kire feeling-feeling natural beauty gitu..yup i know memang abit pricey cket tapi cannot resist laaa..everytime ada promotions or apa-apa regarding l'occitane harus jengah kejap..then kalau singgah confirm xkeluar dengan tangan kosong ok.;p so far l'occitane ada great membership that's why i love it. so much and diorang xkedekut bagi samples...baru-baru ni i received RM225 voucher for my total spending this year..menarik kan? jadi bila dah dapat tu haruslaa gunakan dengan berhemah..then bila ada travel set promotions apa lagi trus drag my sisters gi boutique..pong pang pong pang kt sana borak-borak plus couldn't make it my mind nak beli yang mana...jenuh gak laa budak-budak tu tunggu dalam sambil amik pictures bagai..

Maka ini laa hasilnya..berpuas hati tapi terasa seperti nak tambah lagi..*evil* hehhehe

haa ni pakai duit sendiri..
dapat free pouch dan cosmetic bag
hasil penggunaan voucher..2 sets
lepas dah spend voucher tu dapat lagi voucher..kelas kan :))


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Diary of wh!mPy k!D

Calling all bookworms, cartoons lover and books lover out there!!!!

 Have u ever read or come across a cartoon novel The Diary of Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney? 

well actually the 1st book was out around early 2007
Do u know that this book has turned into movie by Twentieth Century Fox? how cool is that..i bet it will hilarious sangat sebab the books itself to me was exciting and can make u smile alone plus can be a stress relieve..

where i found this book, well it nicely place at children reading materials..hahhahha i know i'm old enough to read children books but trust me, adults also can read it..for those yang looking into reading materials for kids, teenagers should go for this book coz it uses simple english that ur child can simply understand and enjoy it..

i used to have lots and lots of books when i was a kid just named it but now mana ntah hilang semua tu..hurmm i guess dah bagi kat orang rasanya when we decided to move to our new house ;p

what i like this book is the content and how the author express and present the stories instead of normal boring writing text he drew pictures to convey the message or stories..i was amazed and gawd i love it sebab all the drawing sangat cantik and i could say sempoi..that's why it called novel in cartoons..Greg quoted that "this is a JOURNAL, not a diary." Just don't expect me to be all "Dear Diary" this and " Dear Diary" that...i never saw this kind of books or was it me yang ketinggalan zaman..hahhaha..
mula-mula jumpa kat Times, Pavilion. at first masuk nak cari magazine stock but unfortunately all dah beli so wandering around and terjumpa laa buku friend cakap "best buku ni!!!!" dengan nada beriya..opss jgn mara dear..and its an international bestseller..

that time ada discount 20% and complete series in combo, so wait no more i trus grab..wooohoooo xsabar nak baca and now i dah half way with the 1st book..

ada juga site utk u'oll create avatar, i've created mine..

Happy Reading!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Travel with L'OCCITANE - Voyage sets from RM99 Nov 2010

Yup the most awaiting time to shop for L'occitane since they have their travel set which i've been longing everytime datang KLCC asking Kak Maya for their travel sets....hahahha saje mengade nak buat collection senang bila nak travel nanti..

so ladies, wait no more!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Life Saying..

Here are some of the life sayings that i love most and sometimes it's kinda to relate one to another

what say U??

all from imgfave

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthday Present

Sekarang ni i'm such a lazy bum..nak update blog pon berkurun...well apa lagi excuses yang ehummmm keja opis banyak and not to mention last week baru submit assignment..yup 2 lagi ok..terkejar-kejar i buat..

So today i nak share dengan u'oll my bday pressie for this year..As for this year i got best ever gift coz it's all from my BFF the one and only i love ;p

Dah lama ok dapat..imagine laa my bday was in August but now dah November baru nak update...but it's ok better late than never kan...hehehhehe 

I also celebrate my bday at JB with my BFF..they present me with the cake..and we chatted all night long..what else gossiping laaa :D

Ok hadiah idaman sekarang boleh laa slash one of my wishlist..

Now presenting....

Thanks and Love U soo muchhhh