Friday, October 1, 2010

Off to JB again..

yeay i'm off to JB again


meet my lovely bestie 

and of course

attending my dear friend wedding (my schoolmate back in JB)

Congratulation Ilon & Ben

ssshhhhhh heard that she hired a wedding planner..harusla grand kan..

see yaa!!!

ohhh before i forget, in 1 week time, i will be having my PTK exam..huhuhu as usual belum study lagi and not ye prepared mentally and physically.. so howww skang sudah berjalan ke JB ni...hahaaha pening arr cmni..

all i can hope that u all pray for my success and wish me all the best luck in the world..

honestly i really really need that "LUCK"


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Anonymous said...

doa banyak2...aminnn