Friday, October 22, 2010

Shhhh...Diam Diam :))

Suddenly i got hooked by this song

ye!!! tertawan ok..suke sweet;p

to those yang ade crush on somebody and pemalu or segan or seangkatan dengan nya this song sangat sesuai utk dijadikan ringtone..

just imagine when u talk or meet the one yang u admire tu, suddenly or purposely hp yang ringing for sure rasa macam alamak kantoi!!!!!pfffff malu ok..hahahha but in other way u like to confess to that person but don't have guts..
actually i always love song by Tilu..the arrangement of the music was easy listening and someway the lyrics is simple and i just love it :))

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bad Day ...

Oh My Goodness today is my worst day ever this month...i felt sooo sad and disappointed with myself...i just couldn't figure out whether its my bad or my fault or it was something that fated to be happened to me..i also felt soo angry to hurmmmm i dunno who or the culprit that took my PDA..well its actually not mine but the office..yeah someone took the PDA from my locker and i just realized it this morning..i tot and am very sure that i locked the locker and keep my things in the safest place before i go back home...rasa macam nak menangis just becos i lost it and had to replace it with the 2nd hand PDA..note that nobody still used it..cos its already e61i..where the hell i can find it with the cheapest price and have the same specifications like before..argghhhhh xpasal-pasal kena keluar duit for something that is not my fault..hahhaha i already cursed like hell to whoever took it...but i was scolded by someone saying that 'xbaik doa orang macam tu'..whoooo do you think i'm gonna sit still and be silent for not releasing my anger...and u know what with the money that i had to spend for that dumb thing i should and dengan rela hati spend it for my dream bag, camera or even buying myself an iphone that I've been longing for a long time... but i'm lucky enough that that person is willing to search for me...yeay i dunno what will i do without U...thanks my friend...really appreciate it..yup u know who u are kan :D

my verdict? be extra careful with ur belonging no matter it is yours or others..always a reminder to myself..

Monday, October 18, 2010

Do u have the same problem like ME????

Anybody have the same problem like ME.....yup my problem is pipi sangat kembung...hehehe tembam ya amat...cmne ni siap ada double chin sume..aiyakkk how to solve it..pakai tudung sampai kembang gitu..yup i exaggerate lebih cket tu..i realize makin lame makin tembam..xleh senyum banyak-banyak nanti muka besar cam pinggan..kadang-kadang terasa macam belon doraemon....

how to solve it??

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jom tengok pic kawen






















haaaaa apa ingat tuan punya blog yang kawinnnnnnn....tetttttttt nooooo

hehehhehe lambat lagi laaa dear

InsyaAllah jika ada jodoh, doa kan yek...aminnnnn :D

now jom kite tgk my friend n her soulmate dulu

she was my partner in crime, tutor, a friend yang terer banget dalam add math and fizik, geng yana yana (yup we have same name but not exactly) hehehhe i think sume org yang nama yana yana ni lemah lembut gitu orang nye..kinda sensitive punya person laaa...but exception to ke??????ohhhh lupe kami laaa orang yang selalu buat bising di dalam kelas dan membuli 2 orang lelaki sahaja di dalam kelas itu...hahhaha spesis yang hampir mahu pupus di sekolah kami.. maklumla dulu nye sekolah gurls semua...maka kami la yang bermaharajalela....

she's a pharmacist and alhamdullilah tercapai juga hasrat ye ko ilon...very the happening gurl..

i wish u all the best with ur love ones and enjoice every second of it..

 this is the best pic that i can take with my poor camera..i'm soo in need of a new camera ;p

 outfit of the day!!!


 the cake

 see there's a fountain in the cake

the lovely bride and groom
note: she had to diet just to fit in that baju..end result marvellous babe..looks great on u!!!

our dessert of the day

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tutti Frutti...yummmy frozen yogurt

Pengakuan berani mati kepada Cik Reena...i pon suka juga Tutti Frutti...sedap sehingga menjilat jari..honestly mmg xcukup kalau nak said by Cik Reena ia adalah franchise yang dibawa oleh NAZA buah hati pengarang jantung Ms Marion Counter yang hot, cun, cantik, meletupsss and vadevas gitu...

I dah tau lama dah since my lovely friend gave me the link masa mula-mula Tutti Fruitti ni came to Malaysia...but masa tu mmg berkobar-kobar nak try tp macam xjumpa kedai or i terlupa....woo mind u sekarang ni i dah tersampuk penyakit mudah lupa ok...hopefully i doesnt stay tooo long ek..giler penat nak patah balik sebabnya terlupa kan..dah buat kerja 2 kali...i dont like that kind of situation.. ok dah melalut..back to tutti frutti..nak dijadikan cerita, couples months aritu i ada appointment for my annual checkup lasik kat masa nak parking tu mata dah melilau-lilau tengok kedai..uhuhuhuhu typical me kan for those who knew me better...hahahahah betol x??? sekali dah ternampak ok ting ting kedai dessert yang dicari selama ni...apa lagi i cakap dengan my dear fren tu jommmmm tengok kejap....hahahahha tengok awk cakap..bukan tengok dah masuk and amik cup terusss ke depan machine...for ur information its self ape lagi hamikkkk...we decided to share sebab its our 1st time takot macam xsedap kan...xkesah laa i kan sweet tooth and i dig everything yang sejuk and icey cool...suke giler....then we pass thru topping counter...lagila mata bersinar-sinar...hahhaha sinar ok..sume nak tp time tu sabar fren cakap kite try dulu then kalau sedap amik laaa..yeay i was jumping ape lagi zaassss bayar dan makan...opessss terlupe i ada appointment kan...makan laju-laju then trus jumpe ophtamologist opposite building...for those yang xtau kat mana Tutti Frutti branch kat TTDI tu..its near Munawwarah..

see told ya yummmyyyy sampai makan x toleh kiri kanan ek

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Craving for THISS

saya  teringin nak makan ini!!!!

huisshhhh as usual bile dan nak abis exam mula la nak itu dan ini...i think semua orang pon macam tu since bila in the middle of exam surely xkeluar rumah just to study and what not kan..same as me..avoid shopping malls and food taken pon dah reduce to healthy food...hehehhe meaning to say sugar intake dikurangkan...
yup malas kuar rumah satu hal..bertapa dengan now it's time for me untuk recharge semula!!!!yeay for me..
opsssiieee i still have my presentation tomorrow and 2 assignment to be submitted on 28 Oct 2010..haiyakkkk somebody help me!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Off to JB again..

yeay i'm off to JB again


meet my lovely bestie 

and of course

attending my dear friend wedding (my schoolmate back in JB)

Congratulation Ilon & Ben

ssshhhhhh heard that she hired a wedding planner..harusla grand kan..

see yaa!!!

ohhh before i forget, in 1 week time, i will be having my PTK exam..huhuhu as usual belum study lagi and not ye prepared mentally and physically.. so howww skang sudah berjalan ke JB ni...hahaaha pening arr cmni..

all i can hope that u all pray for my success and wish me all the best luck in the world..

honestly i really really need that "LUCK"