Thursday, July 1, 2010

Leggings, Jeggings and Treggings

Nowadays leggings, jeggings is a fashion statement to those who are really INTO many of u knew that there is another type of leggings and jenggings is common rite now and how about treggings???? i think some of u knew bout it but for me its  a new fashion term..hahha i just knew it while i was browsing thru debenhams site..

Here i would like to share with u is the difference between those 3...leggings..jeggings and treggings and how to wear and style them.

Leggings are tight fitting styles that are typically made from a blend of lycra, spandex, nylon, cotton or polyester. They’ve been around practically forever and are usually ankle length but in recent fashion circles leggings can now be longer or shorter (cycle shorts were spotted on the SS10 catwalks).
  • Wear leggings underneath short skirts and dresses or with tunic tops for everyday practicality.
Jeggings are fab if you like the look of jeans but prefer the stretch and feel of leggings.  They are the perfect cross between leggings and jeans and some even have the same features as a pair of jeans including stitch detail pockets. They’re versatile, comfortable and uber stylish.
  • Throw on your jeggings with slouchy jumpers and cosy knits for a relaxed, weekend look.
Treggings are the latest of the ‘legging craze’. They look like trousers with a fit and shape of leggings. Sleek and tailored, treggings are great for work and give you lasting comfort throughout the day.
  • Wear treggings in the office with a tailored jacket for that perfect mix of smart and edgy.

note : honestly i just dun have any guts to wear it coz i think it doesn't suit me i guess, but i will try to dress it accordingly with long shirt..btw i just bought 2 leggings from Cotton On for a start ;P

(source : here)


C!kpuanmuda said...

love love love leggings!

yaNa MaLeK said...

cpm : kaki u kurussssssss and ur outfit yg latest pic tu :D

reena said...

I bought my jeggings last year masa MNG sale. Love!

Pi tengok kat MNG. Skang ada sale. Maybe ada lagi.

yaNa MaLeK said...

reena : owhhh SALE!!!! harus pegiiii this wiken :D

Ms Pancake said...

owh now sgt x seswaai with me.. dah gumuks but gud to know that ada new member of legging.. :D hopefully comfy la kan? hehe

yaNa MaLeK said...

ms pancake : tq for dropping by :D yup its true hopefully the new member of legging will be as comfy as it is..
ala i pon until now xberani nak try lg sbb rasenya cm gumukss paha..hheheh

fizamior said...

i love dorothy perkin's jegging!!! very comfy... cotton on ada kat mane ekk??

yaNa MaLeK said...

fizamior : reallt DP ada jengging yg best??have to check out :D Cotton ON ada kat Pavi and Midvalley

Nadia Dzai said...

I loveeeeeee legging tooo, senang nak pakai dalam boots :p kat msia I jarang pakai :D

Anonymous said...

utk org bertudung x sesuai kot... seluar ketat tapi kepala bertutup what's the purpose kan... :)

yaNa MaLeK said...

nadia : i pon sukeeee tgk org pki tp nak pki diri sendiri blom lgi..hehhe nak pki skinny pon pk byk kali..or mybe paha gmuksss....hahhaha

anonymous : well it depends on the individual itself..will take as a reminder of myself ;P tq..

Nana said...

kat sini semua orang pakai either one of these. Kaki I tak cantik sangat so bila nak pakai tu conscious sikit hehe! but it allows us to wear those cute dresses ;D which is really good ;D