Thursday, July 29, 2010

Whoa..where is my friend ?!?!?!?!

this conversation happened last nite..when i text my friend saying that my 1 of bags already damaged by aged...hehehehe...

me : hye...what r u doing? already back home?

friend : hye.. just came out of the office and otw home

me : oOo..erm u know my 'BAG' already seasoned la.. not as pretty as when i bought it last few years..hehehe

friend :  ooo ye ke??

me : aah laaa..dah lame kan.. 

friend : so bile nak beli bag baru ?

me : hurmm not sure and still thinking ( i was like tak percaya ok)

friend : ok, u think first then after that we go and buy it..ok?

me : orite...kena fikir dulu nak bag apa then kena make wise choice kan before beli something

friend : hehehhe :D

rase curious nk tanya why the answer is like that so i asked 

me : aik..kenapa tiba-tiba cakap bole beli bag? terkejut ok

friend : hehehe saje je nak bagi adiah..

me : waaa bestnye dapat adiah..thank you :D ( time ni dah jumping happily..)

friend : ur welcome..

me : cuba tengok 708 ada cerita Welcome to My Rail the host Henry Golding ...handsome u know.. hehehhe.. basically its a travel show..but this time all about travelling by train..our KTM... his touring around malaysia..or should i say ikut history train laa...i've never had a ride in a train with bed

friend :best ke cite tu?

me : best je..ada makan-makan, stop at every station then tengok culture masyarakat kampung and do normal activities just like orang kampung routines..macam homestay tu :P

friend : kite naik train ek..jalan banyak-banyak tau

me : yup let's do it..hahahhaha

then conversation continues till late at nite...ZZzZZZZzzZZ

hahahha macam tak percaya je all my friend punya reply messages tu..all this while dia layan je but cakap ok then gelak-gelak..what have u done to my friend???aiyakk wakakkaka... dia dah tau dah kalo i yang cerita must kaitkan dengan bag or ade sket unsur-unsur bag..women and bags cannot be separated kan..anyone agree??..hhehehe..but xsangka pulak nak bagi present..yeay harus tuntut ok...kidding...aminnn ya Allah murahkan rezeki lagi kepada orang yang memberi itu :D 
so ladies...nak bag apa ni??hehehhe misi pencarian di mulakan

Thursday, July 22, 2010

it's worth a coach bag or a gucci wallet

sob sob last week i had to take 1 and a half day leave because of my loved 'purple' was sick...she was leaking all the way and its speedo meter cable had problem...i felt sooo sad because of that :(((

total cost that she made me pay for the damage its worth a coach bag or if i top up a lil bit i can get a gucci wallet ..see what u have done to my last paycheck..huhuhu pnat ok save money to get what in my wishlist..hehhehe tp xpela have to redha and appreciate it coz 'she' already served me for almost 7 years i think during my universities years..maybe 'she' was tired laa kot bawak i gi kelas, dating, and so on and until now driving me to u 'purple'...having her was such a wonderful thing in my life coz  i got my freedom to go anywhere and no need to burden anyone..'she' also accompany me during my love life dulu.chewahhh tu je yg ko igt ek :D...hehehehe there were many scenes yang memorable happened to me and my dear friend and not to forget that also i experienced my car jumped into the drain..scary ok but if when ever i think of it can make me laugh aloud...well it just because of me being excited seeing my friend and waving at them like miss universe..i accidentally stepped onto the pedal then direct into the drain..terasa macam McLaren sekejap or should i say like i'm flying without wings..hahhahha

there a lots of sad, funny, happy, bitter things happened in 'she' u soo much babe..

hehhehe dont laugh ok...

malas nak buat panjang-panjang
purple its my CAR laa...LOL

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ciss kelako btol....

hi peeps.. how's weekend..surely best kan spending time your love ones..for me just a normal weekends lepak tengok tv kat umah..singgah KLCC kejap cuci mata looking for a nice jeans but sadly xde yang menepati citarasa moi..

ok laa sebenarnya nak gelak guling-guling actually sebab nya just now i got a phone call said that i won cabutan bertuah dari Pow*r R**t RM7000...siap orang tu inform bagitau nama bagai sume..the person cakap apa tah nama dia i xdengar sangat sebab slang sore cam indon..dari mula i dah tau msti ni phising call saja nak scam people giving their account i decided to play around...

Caller :  Hi, Selamat Pagi..Saya .....(nama apa tah dia sebut)....
Me     : ok ...
Caller : Untuk makluman cik, saya dari Syarikat Pow*r R**t telah menjalankan siri scanning semua bangunan  dan didapati bangunan cik telah memenangi cabutan bertuah (dalam hati bila masa lak i ada bangunan ni..ish kot ye pon nak menipu xyah melampau..kah..kah..kah)
Me    : ooo really bestnye (wahhh rajin kan layan..)
Caller : Cik dapat wang tunai sebanyak RM7000. Bagi membolehkan cik dan ahli keluarga untuk dapatkan hadiah tersebut...boleh berikan no akaun bank supaya pihak kami dapat memasukkan duit tersebut ke dalam akaun cik...
Me : ok bank apa ? mode testing..saya ada HSBC..meh nak bagi no akaun ..yes dengan nada gembira of cos kata nak main-main kan.. macam banyak bank je kan siap offer nak bank apa...wakakkaka
Caller : oh HSBC..dengan nada yang kurang gembira..tapi pihak kami ada kerjasama dengan pihak Maybank sahaja..ada tak ahli keluarga yang ada akaun Maybank..
Me : ohh xde laa saya ada HSBC sahaja...of cos la i tipu kan just to see his reaction
Caller :...tutuuutttt..tutttt..tuuutttt...trus hung up..
Me : hahahha padan muka..

See...nampak sangat menipu kan..dah la 1st nak tipu cakap menang cabutan bertuah cakap nama melayu tapi slang indon, then cakap xde bank tertentu terus letak phone...hahhahha dude taktic lama people are more carefull 

So people out there beware sebab ramai yang kaki tipu ni nak ambik kesempatan..don't trust anyone and gave u detailes especially cc number and account number and one more no answering phone calls when u at ATM machine...coz hackers can easily knew ur pin num by hearing the sound when u key in the pin..

ok ladies,,,have a nice day and happy Monday

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Leggings, Jeggings and Treggings

Nowadays leggings, jeggings is a fashion statement to those who are really INTO many of u knew that there is another type of leggings and jenggings is common rite now and how about treggings???? i think some of u knew bout it but for me its  a new fashion term..hahha i just knew it while i was browsing thru debenhams site..

Here i would like to share with u is the difference between those 3...leggings..jeggings and treggings and how to wear and style them.

Leggings are tight fitting styles that are typically made from a blend of lycra, spandex, nylon, cotton or polyester. They’ve been around practically forever and are usually ankle length but in recent fashion circles leggings can now be longer or shorter (cycle shorts were spotted on the SS10 catwalks).
  • Wear leggings underneath short skirts and dresses or with tunic tops for everyday practicality.
Jeggings are fab if you like the look of jeans but prefer the stretch and feel of leggings.  They are the perfect cross between leggings and jeans and some even have the same features as a pair of jeans including stitch detail pockets. They’re versatile, comfortable and uber stylish.
  • Throw on your jeggings with slouchy jumpers and cosy knits for a relaxed, weekend look.
Treggings are the latest of the ‘legging craze’. They look like trousers with a fit and shape of leggings. Sleek and tailored, treggings are great for work and give you lasting comfort throughout the day.
  • Wear treggings in the office with a tailored jacket for that perfect mix of smart and edgy.

note : honestly i just dun have any guts to wear it coz i think it doesn't suit me i guess, but i will try to dress it accordingly with long shirt..btw i just bought 2 leggings from Cotton On for a start ;P

(source : here)