Wednesday, June 9, 2010

everybody is waiting for 'IT'

++this entry specially dedicated for all gadget freak++

Remember my previous post...

i bet those who had passion with all the Apple products would itching their heart and hand to meet the latest iPhone 4

soo no more waiting anymore..coz its coming yeah baby 

there are lots of improvements in the sense of its features compared to iphone 3
Congrats Steve Jobs..

for more info just go to this site and see it ur self

 me, myself counting days when the time for me to change for a new phone, its not that my current phone not good but hey it's in my wishlist babe :)
so why not kan???? *evil grins*

but i'm sure whether its already in Malaysia market or drop by to ur nearest Apple's centre/store to check it out..


paij188 said...

ooohhhh........! really dig iphone, but because of some 'cons', i rather admire it. (tak nafikan tangan ni gatal nak beli tau!)


yaNa MaLeK said...

paij188 : what's the 'cons'?? better tell me....before i get it..heheh if its minor just tutup sebelah mata je la kan..LOL..and if its a big cons would rather think of it again..

tp kalo tgk yg iphone 4 ni dah cover apa yg previous iphone dulu nye kekurangan..

paij188 said...

they have all the canggih features, except takleh nak buat video call la.. kan.. and then there goes apple and their technology, always in their own sweet world susah la nak compatible dgn phone lain.. that is one thing..

but up to you lah.. i suke jugak klu ikutkan mmg nak sangat.. sangat!

hehhee.. tapi hubby nak belikan blackberry sebb die pun pakai BB jugak, sennag nak 'bercinta' expecially bile berjauhan dan terpisah oleh gulf sea nnti... (ayat org nak balik malaysia..cuti2)

t said...

best nye nk beli iP4..betol2 packages nimss...

yaNa MaLeK said...

paij188 : owhh thanks akak for the info :)

t : hehehe masih dan sedang pikirkan copp i really want it actually..LOL

reena said...

iPhone 4 boleh video call kalau tak silap.

No matter what the cons, i think iPhone is the best phone in the world. Maybe i'm bias here since i'm an Apple user. Hihi :p

Nasib baik i tak beli iPhone 3G hari tu.