Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Place Called Teh Tarik

Apa ada ke tempat nama Teh Tarik?!?!?!

yup exactly there is a placa called Teh Tarik Place which is located at Wangsa Walk

of cos it's a restaurant that served Teh Tarik and other foods especially breakfast food like segala jenis roti...roti canai kat sini superb best...very crispy and if u want to order just order for urself no need to share coz for sure akan terasa nak add on more...hahhaha it happened to me :P

it is a cozy place where u can hang out with friends and families...nothing to fancy bout the decorations juz they have wooden stools and tables..just like macam kat kedai kopi kat kampung-kampung...terasa cm zaman dulu-dulu...hahaha sudah exaggerate...sila abaikan

i went there with my sisters...we always go out and try new restaurants and window shopping..its like our routine activies together...kire cm bonding sessions


Suzie said...

hey i read about this place at NST few weeks ago!i'm a teh tarik lover...sedap tak teh tarik kat situ?pernah minum somewhere kak kedai mamak pastu balik boleh muntah..haha..susu yg dia guna somehow yg murah so rasa muak sgt2!

yaNa MaLeK said...

suzie : for sedap la teh tarik dia..hehehe xtau la kalo org lain...