Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Remember my last entry last i was craving for Tony Roma' that evening i texted my 'D" ..

me : awk, cam terasa nak makan Tony Roma's la...hehehe

D : owait jom...tomorrow or this weekend? lagi pon it's been a while that kite x gi makan kat sana

me : orite set..but i think this weekend would be fine coz we can go window shopping..keh.keh...

D : haaa dah tau sangat la awak tu..:)

So our weekend, as planned we went to Tony Roma's @ Pavilion to satisfy our craving...waaaa soo yummy and we were full enough until we have to rest a bit before we started our next agenda which is "window shopping" hehhehe kira mcm burned out all the calories that we ate...

it's time for some pictures....hehehe **grinn grinn

complimentary bread with garlic spread

tropical orange frizz.

salivating ur mouth water kan...alamak cm terasa nak makan lagi arr...:P

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