Saturday, February 27, 2010


what i do today ????? heheheh i got my hair's been quite long for me for not having a hair i've decided to chop my hair today due to the weather kan skang panas manjang yang kalo mandi pon still rase bahang cm org xmandi..hehe..

i went to my new hair salon HairWorks ...i love the company and the hairstylist was soo friendly...she has a puppy named munchy...sooo adorable....Munchy got her 'hair' done also and dye into pink...same with Amanda the hairstylist...

Amanda asked me " U xsayang ke nak cut ur hair yang long ni???" then i replied " Ala dah lama x cut my hair so i think now is the rite time to change my looks...get it hahahhaha"

Thank You Amanda for making me look nice and i really like my New HAIR...



yeay this is my new hair but of cos la not blonde still black...

(pic googled)

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