Friday, February 5, 2010


huhuhu it's been quite long for me not updating this blog

like usual there's lots ofsawang-sawang yang perlu divacuum

just a lame reasons me being soo busy with works and other things to do

plus my card reader ada problem so that i can't transfer my pics....yes my precious pix..
how u gonna post an entry without a pix..sangat boringggg rite

in fact i'm not a good writer so i need pic to explain everyone says pictures of a million words

i'm craving for Tony Roma's soo tomorrow will dig it and also muvie time...Tooth Fairy plssss

actually mood happy masih ada lagi..remember my previous post..hari2 tgk and posing ok...hahhaha


paij188 said...

i pun tgh tunggu toothfairy nak bawak my babies pegi tgk. (sebenarnye mak die yg lebih! hehe)

yaNa MaLeK said...

paij188: go go take ur kids watch that muvie coz its really exciting and have moral value:) mak die pon ok enjoy sekali..hehehe

jetsetter said...

yups.i pon nk :-) nway kan tiba2 I rasa nk mkn ribs jugak..huhuhu

yaNa MaLeK said...

jetsetter: jom jom..hehhehe:)

peej said...

hi yana,
semua yg u komen tu betul. but sorry i cannot publish ur comment sebab u mentioned alamat n all. :D