Saturday, February 27, 2010


what i do today ????? heheheh i got my hair's been quite long for me for not having a hair i've decided to chop my hair today due to the weather kan skang panas manjang yang kalo mandi pon still rase bahang cm org xmandi..hehe..

i went to my new hair salon HairWorks ...i love the company and the hairstylist was soo friendly...she has a puppy named munchy...sooo adorable....Munchy got her 'hair' done also and dye into pink...same with Amanda the hairstylist...

Amanda asked me " U xsayang ke nak cut ur hair yang long ni???" then i replied " Ala dah lama x cut my hair so i think now is the rite time to change my looks...get it hahahhaha"

Thank You Amanda for making me look nice and i really like my New HAIR...



yeay this is my new hair but of cos la not blonde still black...

(pic googled)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kotak Hitam

Alhamdullillah akhirnya segala doa dan bebelan sy dipenuhi dengan rasa kasih sayang...hehehhe apa dia..yes my new lappy(opppsss adakah untuk sementara atau selamanya..keh keh keh)....Thank you sooo i have lappy to do all my works, browsing, editting pic and of cos most important updating my's really hard when u want to share everything with ur readers....cewah ini ayat ada je kan yg bace blog ni...uwekkk...but u don't have ur own box to do it plus kalo nak blog time office hour..mana sempat...lagi pon xde feel after this no reasons la kan lame xupdate blog but i couldn't promise anything...hahahha


after this more stories coming up....daaaa

Friday, February 19, 2010


huhuhuu i miss blogging soo much but i've admit that my memory card have problem..dunno why coz i can take pic and view it in my camera but when i try to transfer to computer an error occur...'folder empty'..aiyakkkk sangat tensen gitu...dah la banyak pic dalam tu..anyone penah ada problem cmni x? and what do u do to solve it..i xkesah if the memory card rosak or ape but i sooo want the pic inside it...ada cara x nak retrieve that pic..helppppp me guys!!!!! plus i don't have lappy with me sbbnye my previous lappy beyond repair...currently i'm using my bro's lappy but sudah diangkut ke tempat kerja nya di tanjung pelepas now i'm lappy-less (ade ke word gitu?!?!).. i want a new lappy puhlesssss...u know who u r...heheheh

ehehhe kalo nak list banyak lak wishlist yang nak this digital camera, lappy,new phone(iphone or blackberry), purse yang matching with my new SSssSSs...rahsia dulu, diving,holidays...and the list goes ...hahhahaha

ya ALLAH murahkan la rezeki ku...aminnn....mane tau leh li bag lagi..:)

Friday, February 5, 2010


huhuhu it's been quite long for me not updating this blog

like usual there's lots ofsawang-sawang yang perlu divacuum

just a lame reasons me being soo busy with works and other things to do

plus my card reader ada problem so that i can't transfer my pics....yes my precious pix..
how u gonna post an entry without a pix..sangat boringggg rite

in fact i'm not a good writer so i need pic to explain everyone says pictures of a million words

i'm craving for Tony Roma's soo tomorrow will dig it and also muvie time...Tooth Fairy plssss

actually mood happy masih ada lagi..remember my previous post..hari2 tgk and posing ok...hahhaha

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Saya happy:)

Happy..Suka Sukey..

hehe tu je nak cakap

nti update lagi..