Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 2010

look how time flies rite? now dah end of day 1 in 2010(364 days more to go)...2 days more to go before we all go to work as usual..uargghhhhh....what i do today???ermmmm wake up early in the was soo quite coz my family went to Langkawi yesterday for holiday...why am i not going is juz becoz i've been there before..nothing time sure bole pegi lagi...hehehhe...after jumaat when to the mall alone looking for wedding prezie for my blogger friend....congratulations dear on ur wedding...insyaAllah if xde aral melintang i'll come to ur wedding..can't wait actually coz i'm really excited when i read bout her pinkish plan....u r soo lucky..wish u all the best and happily ever after...then lastly when back home and again watch tv...not to forget updating and blog-hopping my fav blog...

so that's what i do for my 1st day of u guys,what do u do today?

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