Monday, January 18, 2010

Anyone? sharing is caring

Anyone care to share with me ?

really need ur opinions from those who have used it

i've read many reviews that said this very precious cream from L'occitane was very good and really effective

Very Precious Cream

Very Precious Cream is effective at stimulating and regenerating skin through the night, when skin is in its peak repair phase. Very Precious Cream fights all signs of aging: skin disorganization, wrinkles, loss of firmness, loss of radiance and pigmentation marks. 

Proven Results:
Effectiveness tested on 44 women after 8 weeks:
- wrinkles appear smoothed out for 85% of the women
- skin is firmer and regenerated: 89%
- complexion is even: 89%

Tolerance dermatologically tested

source : 

 yesterday, i went to L'occitane KLCC to test the texture of this cream..and i find it was good and ok..not to oily and absorbed into ur skin. After asking few questions to Christy (the one who assist me..she is soo friendly and kind..eventhou i didn't buy it)..all her explainations really make me happy and i think i would come again..hahaha.. she gave me few samples to try..and funny part was..when she passed me the samples she suddenly asked "how old are u and why do u want to buy this product coz it supposed to be an anti aging product and u look soo young"....i just smiled to her and said TQ for the compliments..after that i laughed..i was normal to me coz everybody i met will asked me how old am i..well awek mude kan...LOL no laa it's just me being petite..


paij188 said...


Sis, I just started this cream about a week. I think, I can already feel the difference. But still, it's too early to tell. Update you about it then.

p.s. nice meeting ya. this is my 1st time visiting ya blog. I link ok?

yaNa MaLeK said...

paij188 : owh really u can feel the diffrence within 1 week..btw nti update ye bout it:)

thanks for visiting my blog:P