Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My escape to JB

Few weeks ago, i've made sudden decision to go to JB..yeah Johor Bahru..a place where i finished my secondary school..a place where i knew what is the meaning of true friendship..to conclude a place that i love most..be it the food or the people...hehhe..i always felt that i am soo related and connected to JB(johor)..dunno why???until all my uni frens thought i was from JB..since i normally talked with johorian slang..with the word ek at the end of the sentences..hahaha soo funny kan..coz i'm purely KL....one more funny thing that i always think that when i grew up, i will end up marrying someone from johor..erm but....ok cut the craps..

as if i'm going to JB for a short time, i opt taking flight there and also was rushing to go for mucit engagement day..she was my school mate..at last she found someone that can make her happy..i'm really happy for u dear..babe pray for me also k ;p it took 45minutes KL to JB...it was my escaped or in other words..'lari membawa diri'..yeah 2008 was my bad year..so i membawa diri ke Vietnam..so that another story..

I was in JB for 2 days..farah fetched me at Senai airport then we went for breakfast at Hutan Bandar..afternoon we went to mucit engagement and at night we spend at Danga Bay...i think it was my luck to stumble with Ekin-Mawi at her boutique..she was damn gorgeous..i love her dressing a lot..btw she was my best fren cousins..she said on January 2010, there will be another boutique open at Wangsa Maju..so anybody interested can visit their boutique...

ok lets the pic do the talking coz i tend to write longg karangan...hehhe nti juling2 lak bace..sini i upload cket je la coz malas nak tgg upload..many pic in my FB

mucit yang comel...

bdak naughty ni...idung musyuk

she was soo happy that she start walking

love u guys the max

yes dgn bj kurung+muka berminyak ok..gi danga bay..love ekin style

so that's all my story about JB

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Anonymous said...

Ex aku pun org JB. HUahuahua....(T_T)