Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!!

olla readers

today is the last day of 2009

what do u feel?happy of cos la kan

for me hopefully the new year wll bring me lots of joy,happiness,hopes for a bright future, peace for heart,prosperity that's unlimited, year-round fun and owh banyak yang i nak kalo nak list down sure xabis...xlupe i would like to have lots of handbags..soon will be getting one..yeay!!!!

what's ur resolution? honestly i never set my azam for the previous this year still the same..i love to go with the flow coz really i'm a spontaneous gurl..but surely with consideration
if i want something i will try to get it no matter how but if it fate that saying i will not get it..i'll accept it with open i rite?

Wishing U A


p.s: i went to redeem my slimming voucher yesterday at was ok experience..another 1 to redeem with facial treatment..becoz i'm skinny so nothing difference..xkn makin kurus kot..tgl skeleton je kan..LOL

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Outing with sisters

i'm the happiest person when i knew that all my sisters were coming back home for xmas means my home will be bising with all the hilai tawa dorang and aktiviti jalan-jalan mall dan makan akan dilaksanakan... sbbnya bila normal days all of then were at rumah adalah sangat tgk je la pic ek..malas nak cite panjang2

mcm sy the youngest kan..hehhe jgn marah ye adik2

zirah nape mata tu...

aum...sedapnya brownies ice cream

yours truly

zirah idung musyuk..

p.s : i'm on leave for a week..bestnye cuti

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My escape to JB

Few weeks ago, i've made sudden decision to go to JB..yeah Johor Bahru..a place where i finished my secondary school..a place where i knew what is the meaning of true conclude a place that i love it the food or the people...hehhe..i always felt that i am soo related and connected to JB(johor)..dunno why???until all my uni frens thought i was from JB..since i normally talked with johorian slang..with the word ek at the end of the sentences..hahaha soo funny kan..coz i'm purely more funny thing that i always think that when i grew up, i will end up marrying someone from johor..erm but....ok cut the craps..

as if i'm going to JB for a short time, i opt taking flight there and also was rushing to go for mucit engagement day..she was my school last she found someone that can make her happy..i'm really happy for u dear..babe pray for me also k ;p it took 45minutes KL to was my escaped or in other words..'lari membawa diri'..yeah 2008 was my bad i membawa diri ke that another story..

I was in JB for 2 days..farah fetched me at Senai airport then we went for breakfast at Hutan Bandar..afternoon we went to mucit engagement and at night we spend at Danga Bay...i think it was my luck to stumble with Ekin-Mawi at her boutique..she was damn gorgeous..i love her dressing a lot..btw she was my best fren cousins..she said on January 2010, there will be another boutique open at Wangsa anybody interested can visit their boutique...

ok lets the pic do the talking coz i tend to write longg karangan...hehhe nti juling2 lak bace..sini i upload cket je la coz malas nak tgg upload..many pic in my FB

mucit yang comel...

bdak naughty ni...idung musyuk

she was soo happy that she start walking

love u guys the max

yes dgn bj kurung+muka berminyak danga ekin style

so that's all my story about JB

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i'm sad :(((

1 second ur happy and then 1 second ur how???


My weekend activities

Last weekend was my a day full of happiness. I really enjoyed most coz i got to spend my precious time with my bestie...imah and farah

thanks guys for ur time and great hospitality..really appreciate it..

so we're on our next mission..jalan-jalan lagi kan...weeehuuuuu can't wait..

yes of cos..kalo jumpe 3 org surely amik gmbo yang sampai xhingat org keliling ok...soo many pictures taken..all in the FB(sila la jengah yek)
...sini malas nak la nak upload...malas edit...hehehe

soo many thanks to Imah and Family, Farah and Family..and also not to forget Is(farah fiance) for sending me to the airport..wahh bergambo cam laa nak anto ke oversea....LOL

love u guys to the MAX :))

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wishing all of U!!!!!!

Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru
Maal Hijrah 1431

semoga apa yang kita lakukan pada tahun ini dan yang seterusnya mendapat keredhaan dan keberkatan dari-NYA


Selamat Bercuti Juga kepada semua :)))))

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

KL Sunday 1 Family Day

Last Sunday, my parents went to KL Sunday 1 Family Day at Malaysia Tourism Centre( MATIC) Jalan Ampang.. Both of them went together only since their beloved children were sleeping at home...hhehehe..
as they came home, i saw my mom carrying 2 bags of always being kepochi tanya la " Mak,ape tu dalam bag????trus grab tgk dalam bag tu...the i saw 6 flip flops...not just ordinary flip flop but it was handmade and full mom said at MATIC every sunday is a family day...lots of activities happened....they also have bazaars selling soo many thingss mostly crafts with cheaper price of cos...their target wanted whole family to come and enjoy their weekends together...this kind of events is one of ways to attract tourists and see the Malaysian culture...i cant explained in details becoz i was not there and i don't know how the crowd and i dont know what happened actually:)))...nti 1 fine sunday, i'll go myself laaa...

to those yang dah ada family sila la bawak family members anda ke sana, bagi mengeratkan lagi hubungan keluarga...sekali sekala tukar aktiviti...hehehhe

so here are the flip flops that my mom bought for us...

 my mom yang susun n suh amik gmbo cmni...nak ade bunga2 tgh2 tu..hehhee

yours truly punya..dah cop awal2 ek..LOL

owner yg buat flip flop tu ada la jenguk..for thse yg suke gladiator..adalah perlu ke sana kerana bnyak yg cntik2 dan affordable price..not only for gurlss..for men pon ada sandals..

if u think it's cool...what are u waiting for just visit her blog and grab for urself...note that i don't get anything for promoting...just i care to share what i have dear...

jom ramai-ramai ke MATIC...jalan-jalan bersama family and have fun with the activities

Monday, December 14, 2009

Who is this????

This is MR O

i love him sooo much...he witness everything what happened in my car(read my ups and downs life) he always be by my side..of when i'm driving of cos
nothing was so special with MR O...coz it's a MC D bear..but to me he is really special coz it reminds me of everything...he always cheers me up..when i'm lonely
i love the color and the letter 'O' in his stomach...sooo cute..i still remember when MC D first lauched this kind of bear..i think almost everyday and whenever i went to MC D i asked for it..susah btol nak cr die cepat sangat sold out..yes dear ur 1 lucky thing..
i have another 1 but i already gave to somebody hoping that it will be appreciate it as me

MR O will always be in my car :))
skang die ada wiper trigger..hahaha

see i told u...cute kan hangging je

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jalan-jalan cari pasal

How's ur Saturday???? yours truly had muvie date with my youngest sister...jangan xpercaya tengok cite SANTAU...hahaha cite pada i ok la effect hantu die..sampai my sis jerit terperanjat..hahahha siap dalam cinema tu all the gurls siap tutup muka and mana yang gi ngn Bf sume cover their face with Bf hands..ada yg siap pegang kuat2 takut jerit..kelako giler..yours truly being macho gitu...xjerit pon :)))) malas nak review, korang gi tgk sendiri la yek..ibu-ibu mengandung jangan tgk..ade scene makan ulat..uwekkkkk
After that, bermula sesi mengukur shopping mall...ramai btol org since dah nak dekat SALE adalah di myself xbeli apa at first but

6 items u 1st time purchase of makeup

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cinta....Perjuangan...Air Mata Natrah

waa agak spiderweb juga blog ini tidak berupdate...bukan malas or ape2 just don't have enough time to blog since occupied with workss...dah ujung tahun kan ni...but i'm looking forward my not-so-long of not being in the office..hehehhe cepat la masa berlalu...

ok last monday, yours truly and my officemate decided to watch was an ad hoc decision when mimi said " eh jom tengok natrah nak????" masa time lunch tu dia came out with the idea...being me yang always outing ni...definitely say yes,,of cos and why not give it a try kan..since it was my 1st time to IB...hahaha kesian kan..umah skangkang kera lebih cket tp xpenah gi IB....lalu depan selalu la tu...LOL...i've watched musical theater before...Beauty and the was superb...i always love it..then after lunch time...bergegas ke office untuk booking tix...lucky us..we manage to get it...heheh..gals, we should do this selalu...outing together...since our project Kunang-Kunang conclusion it have to be an ad hoc and spontaneous idea and decision...baru success..hahahha

what is it about NATRAH? (malas nak summarize la..i copy la sinopsis from IB site)

Teater Natrah memaparkan rentetan kehidupan Nadra Maarof, atau nama Belanda Bertha Heartogh. Beliau adalah wanita keturunan Belanda yang dipelihara oleh Che Aminah Mohamad. Berlaku perebutan hak penjagaan antara Che Aminah dan ibu bapa Natrah di Belanda. Konflik percintaan antara Natrah dan Mansoor Adabi yang menyebabkan terjadi rusuhan di Singapura pada tahun 1950. Rusuhan ini terjadi kerana berbaur dengan sentimen agama dan warna kulit. Pada 9 Julai 2009, beliau meninggal dunia pada umur 72 tahun di Huijbergen, Belanda akibat leukemia.

Maria Hertogh adalah gadis keturunan Belanda yang diserahkan oleh ibunya, Adeline dan neneknya, Nor Louisenya kepada Che Aminah untuk dipelihara tanpa pengetahuan bapanya Sarjan Adrianus Petrus Hertogh kerana telah ditawan tentera Jepun. Maria Hertogh diberi nama Natrah dan hidup dalam suasana dan pendidikan Islam. 

Sarjan Hertogh dibebaskan selepas Hiroshima dan Nagasaki dibom dengan bom atom oleh Amerika, dia balik ke Bandung, Jawa dan mencari anaknya Natrah. Natrah ditemui oleh Arthur Locke, Penasihat British di Terengganu sewaktu pertunjukan senaman di padang Sekolah Perempuan Melayu Chukai. Che Aminah membawa Natrah ke Singapura atas perancangan dan muslihat Sarjan Hertogh.

Berlaku perebutan hak penjagaan antara Che Aminah dan ibu bapa Natrah di Belanda. Che Aminah yang diwakili peguam bela Encik Ahmad Ibrahim, menang kes rayuannya dan Natrah dikeluarkan daripada York Hill. Kerana takut peristiwa berulang, Natrah dikahwinkan dengan Cikgu Mansor Adabi secara nikah gantung di rumah bapa angkat Mansor Adabi iaitu En. M.A.Majid di 139, Seranggoon Road, Singapura. Ketika ini Natrah berusia 13 tahun dan Mansor Adabi 22 tahun. Dalam Undang-Undang Syariah Islam, perempuan umur 13 tahun dibenarkan kahwin tetapi mengikut undang-undang Belanda, seorang anak yang berusia 16 tahun ke bawah, bapanya berhak menentukan kehidupannya.

Konflik agama dan isu penjagaan yang telah menyebabkan terjadinya rusuhan di Singapura. 

to me this show was good...line up actors and actresses are very good combination..
Maya Karin as Maria Huberdina Hertogh(sangat cantik ok), Umie Aida as Mak Aminah(love her act),  Remy Ishak as Mansor Adabi (jejaka idaman malaya)...sume gurlss menjerit ok tgk die..hahahha.., Sofia Jane as Maria Huberdina Hertogh at age's a true story bout Maria Huberdina Hertogh yang hidupnya penuh dengan kesedihan..cinta..perjuangan..air mata...jiwanya tersiksa..agamanya terkorban..cintanya terhalang oleh keluarga kandungnya also show how bangsa melayu dulu berjuang habis-habisan untuk mempertahankan agama islam...over all it was a touching story and penuh dengan maksud tersirat yang mendalam dan membuka mata dan hati manusia serta lebih menghargai apa yang kite perolehi dan jangan ambil mudah tentang sesuatu perkara..

owait so..the end of cos la ada sesi autograph and bergambar bersama peminat...giler ramai yang beratur...hehehe yours truly menggunakan kelebihan diri yang kecil ni utk sbbnya nak menjadikan tiket yang dibeli btol2 worth it..hahahha

let the pic do the justice...sorri pic adalah blur disebabkan cahaya lampu yang malap..tidak menggunakan flash sbb takot dorang terkejut..hhehe plus i'm super duper cold..gigil pale lutut beb..

my sis and nurul..(kurusnye die...see gucci)

mimi..yours truly..henni
napa la muka i napak tembam mcm dipam2..isk.issk

Thursday, December 3, 2009

what to do???

i'm soo pissed off coz everyday buat benda yang sama but then claimed macam-macam..tension tau...kang bile ckp bosan orang malas lak nak dengar..but the fact mmg really bosan dengan what i've been doing rite now..sakit ati tau...penat dah..keje yang pada orang lain suatu kerja yang "kenapa nak buat kerja 2 kali???" at last i pon xpaham...mmg cmtu kot minded those people..i pon xpaham kalo ade bende yang senang kenapa nak jadikan bende tu susah..hurmmm sangat la tension..i tau xbaik tension tp apa guna gi **** hati xbest..i want something yang bole menjana minda n tambah ur knowledge..

so apa yang boleh buat skng....sabo je la :(