Friday, November 20, 2009

Soo many!!!!

Since this week i've been very busy attending training that related to my works

well then it covers this whole week and next week..super penat but i really enjoy most of the time

it's all about knowledge and what we can learn..Learning is a process.. it does continuously until the end of our life

16/11/09 - IPS Configuration and Network Training...Cisco Switch

17/11/09 - Router and Firewall Configuration

18/11/09 -  Bakbone Backup Training

19/11/09-20/11/09 -  Suse Linux Enterprise Sever Training

24/11/09 - XEN Citrix Training, UAT XEN Citrix and BAKBONE

25/11/09 - UAT for Network/Firewall/IPS/VPN

hehehe yes i'm an IT industry u many training need to be attend for the sake of technology...

jap gi nak sambung training lagi..

i'm off now..

Happy Weekends


jetsetter said...

Wahh bz nyehhhh :p

yaNa MaLeK said...

hehehe tula nak shop raya pon xsempat lg... mommy kazim surely lagi bz kan...cute sgt kazim :)