Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fesyen de Raya


i'm back on track..huhuhu back to work after long break such a difficult thing for me..so for today i'm a bit slow mood..hahhaha mybe it's normal kan..as for me today is my first day of working..yes semalam i cuti lagi sesaje jek nak relax n preparing my mental n physical for today..

So now my house will be as quiet as usual since all my sisters had gone back to their schools..huhuhu boring laa cmnie..looking forward for their school holidays..
Najah..Zirah.. Ana balik la selalu ek..bosan arr dok umah sowang-sowang..nak gelak, nyanyi n wat lawak ntah ape2 pon xde geng..Annnnnn(gaya dalam iklan sabun)..ooooyeahhh(alvin n chipmunk) LOL :p

Now let's see what we do a day for before Raya...we laughed a lot cm nak pecah umah..this time my cousin joined together

the 4 ninjas..hehehhe


from left : yours truly, najah, zirah

bdak comel ini my cousin.. Nur aisyah Amira 4 years old
she's really happy coz at her age, she manage to fast for almost 9 days..

RAYA UPDATES coming soon...with more piccas

To My Sisters

Belajar Rajin2 yek..kami di KL sentiasa mendoakan yang terbaik untuk sume orang
cepat cuti nti balik KL leh gi jalan2 shopping n makan2 lagi...Hehehehe
Nan : jgn lupe join venture kite untuk bukak kedai kek jual kek kukus choc walnut n choc chip..hehehe

ok lunch time has come to the end, start working YANA..hehehe

tata titi tutu

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