Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Shila, I want the cHoCoLaTe"

yeahhhhh....cHoColaTes LoVer..
ShiLa ShoWer is HaVing a LuckY draw at Her BloG
wHat u will Get, she WiLL be giving aWay ChoColates to the LucKy wInNNer
CooL riTe..the aRe 4 Sets Of Them..soo CuTe..yOuRs TrULy maNe2 je pOn Ok..SincE SaJe sUKe2 JoiN..MeNgeraTkan SiLaTuRrAhiM SesAme RaKan BloGgErs

y Not Give it a Try...Never BeeN LucKy coZ i've Never wOn AnytHing wHen It ComEs to cOntest Or LucKy Draw..LoL
TheWinNNEr wiLL Be SeLecteD bY RaNdOM GeNeraTor NUmBer..

"SHiLAAAAAA......I WaNt The CHoCoLAte!!!!!!!


yulies said...

hi yana, sorry menyibuk. i ada baca komen u pasal lasik kat blog hanis. if u dont mind, care to share overall total cost? mcm nk survey2 dulu....

yaNa MaLeK said...

yulies : hi yulie..ok total cost for the lasik it depends on what treatment yg u decide n suggested by the consultant. as for me, ms tu ade promotion so total rm5696 after discount i suggest u check kt optimax site mane tau ada promotion lg..