Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm back....

yes..i'm back frm 2 days leaves n 4 days for not updating my blog..it's not becoz i'm not in the mood or what so ever..it's just i'm really occupied with this moving thingy..we're moving to a new house(after renovations)...considered not new laa..my child-hood house after soo many years it been left away..it was very tiring coz kena ulang-alik angkat barang, packed and unpacked barang-barang,kenduri lagi,kemas umah etc..penat woo sampai sakit-sakit badan..but i really enjoy n excited sgt2
blog kawan-kawan yang every day day clicks pon sudah khatam awal2 lagi..sampai opis on pc terus bukak blog tgk update..napak sgt kepoh-chi kan..

so guys, will update soon after settled all my works..giler banyak kerja yang menanti diri ku..huhuhu

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