Saturday, August 29, 2009

haPPY H0LidaYs

olla  n morning
u guys

how's ur weekends?????i bet all of u guys have soo many plans to do since this is a long weekend

 as for me, can't really wait till this coming MONDAy..yeah MERDEKA DAY..why???
shhhhh u'll now..hehehe
today i'll go for my dentist monthly appointment n fix my windows switch..remember my previous entry...
baju raya,tudung raya,kasut raya,bag raya hunting belom start lagi..
waaaaabile nak start ni?????
beli baju ready made je laaa..since i still have 1 baju yang belum dipakai tempah kat's considered baju raya la

for shoes,tudung raya must start untuk mengukur shopping mall..
special note : to whom it may concern..bile nak shopping ni?????...heheheh
bag raya...anyone care to give me a present??hehehhe <---- especially to whom it may concern juga :p



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