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Eye Laser - Intralasik


i just want to share my experience of doing eye laser treatment - Intralasik with u guys..

before this i used to wear specs everyday and everytime but not a contact lens wearer..becoz i'm afraid of putting that kind of plastic in my eyes..n i'm kind of lazy to take care of it..with the solutions thingy.its too hassle to me..(malas sebenarnya..hehe).. i also have different power each right +300 ,left +275 plus i've high its hard for me to look for lenses at optic shop..they said mine have to order first..i found it was difficult. So last february, i've decided to do the lasik. I've no worries becoz my bro have done it last year n now he's vission was perfect..the reason he done the lasik, he got severe astigmatism..and his power increasing 1st my mom was very sceptical bout this laser thingy..she afraid that somehing would happened..u know it like surgery there's no guarantee..but my bro insists to do he done it.. Alhamdullillah everything goes well..but of cos wit must have strong will n patient to take care of it. After u done the treatment u must go for checkup according to what was scheduled by the doc n must put eye drops as advice..a bit hassle but i think its worth it.

Ok enough of my bro story..

my story begins when i always have headache n my power increasing coz of i'm always working wit computer..well cannot lari la kan..since i'm working in IT i decided to do a survey regarding the lasik treatment..i think it was the best solutions coz i dah penat la pkai spek since form 2..n have limited when it comes to sport or outdoor activities..nak pki contact lense my mom said xelok n i plak takot..lagi pon byk belanja..every month nak kena beli lens(i punya mata lain2 power so kena beli box..leceh n nak kena order lak)n solutions lagi...mana la tau kalo xsesuai kena infections kat mata..lagi haru...why not i invest a bit to do the laser..
i called Optimax TTDi and set an appointment(call or online booking) to do the pre-lim test..its free.. after the checking, u will have consultation session with the opthamolgy..they will explain to you whether u r suitable or not for the treatment n suggested which treatment u will have and also ur budget..of coz u will opt for the best rite..once in a life time..they also will explain the procedures, side effects n what not..u can ask questions to satisfy ur for me they suggested OPTIMIZED INTRALASIK(blade-free)

then after setup an appointment 1 week later, u have to come for the 2nd checking n this is where they will put an eye drop to dilate ur pupils so they can re-examine n cnfirm their 1st check..after waiting for an hour u can do advice u cannot drive after the treatment n must wear that time ur eyes will be very sensitive wit light..the treatment took only half an pain at all..seriously xrase ape2.. just dlam surgery room sejuk sgt..u have to wear mcm cap n bj org kena bedah tu..hehhehe it was an experience to me..sape xnervous kan..i'm a bit too..xsakit i bet u..cume rase pedih cm potong bawang jek after the treatment..i plak rase cm magic first ur sight kabur w/o specs n suddenlly it was clear..hehehe..after that i was been explained by the nurse how to take care n wat medication have to eating pills just eyes drops u must care bout it. must jaga btol2 lepas surgery..agak leceh cket xpelah kan utk diri sendiri.. dan they will set appointment for checkup..
Payment u must settle befre the surgery being done..u have to signed agreement..mybe ada yg tny berapa cost masa i buat haritu...cost for both eyes RM 5576 plus 2nd eye examination RM 120 so overall Total : RM 5696..(note: mine masa tu ada promotion so discount RM2200)..skng punye pricing u hve to call Optimax ...

So kepada sesapa yang berminat, i suggest u gather info first then decide what best for u..

yaHOo i'm now already discharged n have perfect vision rite now..

Here some info that u might want to know
What is Intralasik?

The" Intra" component denotes the use of the Intralase Femtosecond laser and LASIK is an abbreviated term for "Laser Assisted In situ Keratomileusis" With Intralasik, the first step of cutting the flap is accomplished using a highly precise laser, the Intralase Femtosecond Laser.

The Intralase software directs the Intralase laser to optically focus its beam into a tiny, 1 micron (.001mm) spot of energy that passes harmlessly through the outer layers of the cornea until reaching its exact depth within the stroma (central layer of the cornea). In an "inside out" process, the laser beam creates a separation plane by forming an interconnecting series of bubbles made of carbon dioxide and water vapor.

The laser beam stacks a pattern of bubbles along the periphery of the treatment plane, leaving an unseparated section of tissue to act as a hinge. As with a traditional LASIK approach, the surgeon then folds the tissue back to expose the underlying corneal layer to prepare for the excimer laser treatment that will re-shape the cornea. With Intralasik, surgeons can avoid the complications related to surgical blade problems. The Intralase laser precisely delivers the laser energy directly to the outer surface of the cornea, which suffers no trauma. A higher degree of accuracy in both the depth and size of the corneal flap is now possible with Intralase.
There are a number of valuable benefits that this form of surgery provides.

1) Safety

This is the most valuable advantage of Intralasik and the main reason why Optimax invested in this expensive technology. With the accuracy and safety checks offered by Intralase, major complications do not occur.

2) Precision

Flap measurements are highly accurate.This provides the surgeon with confidence to :

a) Treat patients previously rejected because of thin corneas.
b) Avoid the risk of ectasia - a complication that can occur from an unexpectedly thick flap. In ectasia the cornea is thinned beyond the margin of safety resulting in instability.
c) No induced changes in refraction which can occur with irregularly thick flaps from LASIK affecting visual outcome.

3) Outcomes

By being able to cut the initial flap in such a controlled fashion, we are able to closely predict our results. In creating such precise and uniform flaps we avoid surprises of new astigmatism and aberrations.


Intralase FS60 for flap creation on IntraLasik, Custom IntraLasik and
PAC IntraLasik.

The VASTLY IMPROVED 4th GENERATION INTRALASE called the IntraLase-FS60 (femtosecond) has been introduced at Optimax ,
Malaysia to create BLADE-FREE LASIK flaps.( The conventional alternative, is when the LASIK flap was created using a microkeratome with a blade.)


• Twice as fast procedure time (usually less than 20 seconds).
• Enhanced patient comfort and safety during the procedure.
• Improved flap quality creation software.
• Smoother corneal surfaces than before, for better results.
• Administers less energy to the cornea for greater safety.


Of course the biggest benefit of 4th Generation IntraLase-FS60 is the increased SAFETY and PRECISION from its older version of ALL-LASER BLADE-FREE procedure.

How does IntraLase-FS60 Laser Work?

• Pulsing at a speed of one-quadrillionth of a second, the laser uses an infrared beam of light to prepare the flap.
• The Intralase has pulses that are focused within the tissue to create an incision below the surface of the corneal tissue.
• A series of closely-spaced bubbles of 2-3 micron in diameter each, is created, which are absorbed into the tissue and leave a cavity in the stroma. (Hence the tissue above created is the flap used for Lasik)
• The process takes under 15 seconds, on average ( twice faster than the older version).
• The surgeon then lifts the flap to proceed with the Excimer Laser sculpting.
• The surgeon can precisely control laser specifications for flap diameter, depth, and edge angle.

In short there is no longer any worry about irregular or non-perfect flaps for Lasik!
Intralase is available at Optimax's Taman Tun Dr. Ismail and Johor Bharu.


Before eye laser treatment:
1. Preparation & Suitability

You need to have a thorough eye examination to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the refractive surgery. Prior to that, please make sure that:
1. You are at least 18 years and have had stable vision for the past year
2. You are not pregnant or breastfeeding
3. You have not been diagnosed with:
o Connective Tissue, Autoimmune or Immunodeficiency disease, eg. Rheumatiod Arthritis, Sjogren diseases or Severe dry eye
o Certain eye disease, eg Keratoconus, Cataract, Glaucoma, Diabetic retinopathy or macular disease.
4. You must have healthy eyes — no glaucoma, infection, cataracts, severe dry eye, or any other condition that would affect postoperative healing.
5. Your vision must be stable for at least a year before surgery.

Extreme spectacle powers >-16.00D or +7.00D has to be treated on a case-to-case basis and may not be deemed suitable for Laser Refractive Surgery but other procedure may be appropriate.

Your eyecare practitioner can help you decide, but below are some general guidelines to check out before your doctor visit:

2. Planning for Your Eye Examination Appointment

If you are a contact lens wearer, you need to lay off the lenses first as it may distort the original shape of cornea.
For those who wear Soft / Disposable / Daily Lenses, you need to lay off the lenses 10 to 14 days prior to the eye examination date. If you are wearing Semi Hard (RGP) / Hard / Toric Soft Lenses, it is advisable to lay off as long as 3 to 4 weeks.

Your pupils will be dilated on the eye examination day. So you might have difficulty for near work and sensitive to bright light which may last for 2 to 3 days after the check-up. Please bring along a pair of sunglasses on that day.
You can also come in for a preliminary test without laying off the contact lenses to find out whether you can consider for the treatment or not. We shall let you know how many days you need to lay off your contact lenses prior to the full eye examination date.

Please call your nearest Optimax Eye Specialist Centre to book in your appointment.

After Treatment:

1. Your treating doctor will check on you after the procedure.
2. Please make sure you are not driving on the treating day as you may feel slight irritation after the treatment.
3. Bring along a pair of non-powered sunglasses with you as the eyes will be a bit sensitive to light after treatment.

In the first week after the treatment :

Remember not to rub or squeeze your eyes
• Avoid getting water, soap or shampoo in your eyes, but you will need to keep the eyelid are clean.
• Avoid going to dusty and smoky places

• Do not wear eye makeup or apply eye cream
• Wear sunglasses when doing outdoor activities.
• Avoid sports activities such as jogging, gym or badminton.
• Put on eye shields provided before bed
• Use the eye drops as advised

In the first month after the treatment,

• Do not swim, use the sauna, SPA or have a facial treatment
• Avoid sports like football, taekwando or basketball.

Attend all check ups as advised

• Do not worry unduly if you experience glare / haloes at night or under dim lights for a few weeks
• With all procedures, your vision will gradually improve and sometimes it might take about 3 to 6 months to stabilize

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Kalo ada sesapa yg nak tny pape..leh la bertanya..mana yg leh jawab, i jawab..

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