Sunday, July 5, 2009


How's ur weekend u all???

i'm sure it's very interesting rite..
as for me, it's very tiring but i enjoyed most of the time..
yesterday i accompany my sista to a swimming was a sudden decision when my sista told me that she wanted to enroll a swimming class..the idea came when she heard my cousin mother..asked her daughter whether wanted to a swimming class or not..
i think it was a cool idea, then she said at putrajaya had a swimming class..we checked tru the site and we manage to get the contact and asked all the info that we needed..can u imagine to enroll a swimming class u just need RM 70 for 4 classes..murah kann..mane nak dapat cmtu kat KL..but of course ade option(package) yang lain..u can check
The instructur is very friendly and u can start on-the-spot..dun worry if u dont have a swim wear..coz she jual it also..bolkini..for muslimah..
As for a start, my sista when to her 1st class on last friday..her comment bout the class was very attempting..that make me n my friends wanted to join also..but since i'm working that day we postponed to another time la..on saturday was her 2nd class...i was very impressed that she even can swim frog cool it that..well looking 4wd for another class next week..

my 2nd activity was going to my cousin housewarming including puncak jalil..i was very exited coz i can eat lotss of delicious foods..the food was prepared by my mak ngah..masakan kampung..ayam rendang,gulai ikan masin nenas, satay, lontong, nasi impit, daging kari, sambal belacan and ulam-ulaman..not to forget modern cake..cuppies and traditional kueh..i ate a lot..sampai xleh laa just kidding..overall it's very enjoying be it the foods or the peoples..

i think thats all for now..nti update nye activity lagi ..meeting wit my gurl friends..updating mane yg tertinggal and what not...ape lagi kan gossipss

have a nice day!!!!

(pictures not included coz i forgot to take


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

hey babe...
thanx for dropg bymy blog...
keep on updating k!
happy blogging!

yaNa MaLeK said...

verde+hazizi : tQ ya..i love to read ur blogg..