Monday, July 27, 2009

Last Fr!DaY


When it comes to Friday...everybody was very happy coz it's the end of the week..same goes with me who loves FriDay very much...coz time of working shorter that everyday(break time was longer due to friday prayer) this time were all the women goes shopping without men..hahahha
as for me last friday, i take the opportunity to work half day since i need to go somewhere to pickup things(my work also)...where am i going??? jeng jeng....Berjaya Times Square
so at 12.00pm sharp i started packing my stuff n finished all my works..then rushed to Times aim was to settle my work n do some window shopping with my sister..
It took me half an hour to reach Times Square..coz no jammed...hoorey..after parking then we headed to NoKIA centre which located in the building it self...when everything seem ok..we proceed to the next agenda..Window Shopping TIme...
but our stomach starts making a noise asking for FOOD..yeah eating i opt for Kentucky Fried Chicken..would like to try the new Cheezy Chickaroni..was tempted by the word cheezy..oooOO sooo likey very much..
we ordered 2 Snack plate set(hot& spicy chicken) and of cos Cheezy Chickaroni..i can't wait to taste it..and yeah it suits my in tv says it have lots of chicken balls n creamy cheese..yes the do have...i ate all of them...then i turned to my snack plate..imagine how my nafsu dragon kan..hahahha..after finishing our meals..we went for window shopping..great sales but none caught my we decided to go back home..
On our back home, i've changed my mind instead of going straight home we went to Jusco AU2 to look for my skin food..hey skin also need food to keep healthy...dun think we people need food..reached Jusco we performed our Zuhur prayer then to Skin Food store..
i was greeted by the SA(she's beautiful and young), i told her that i'm looking for a cleaser and skin care product to minimize my pores....she asked what is my skin i said it's a combination type so she suggested Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser ...then to minimize the pores she suggested me to get the Peach Sake Toner and Peach Sake Serum..i skipped the moisturizer since i already have Yerba Mate Gel time will try Skin Foon moisturizer(cucumber n aloe vera)
After briefing how to use the product...i grap 3 items and i receive a complimentary mirror(buy more than rm100)'s so lovely..i like it vey much..not to forget i've receive a 2 samples and a loyalty card where every rm20 purchase ur entitled 1 stamp..after completed 1 tier u can redeem with free gifts..if ur patient enough juz wait till u reach 4 tier..hadiah lagi best laa...then we headed to Daily Fresh to buy's like ice crush with a strawberry's soo eating bila cuaca tengah panas terik..lega rasanya...
waa sudah penat berjalan-jalan we got back to home sweet home..

waa delicious isn't it...yummy

our lunch...

finished already..licin

skin food store at Jusco AU2

eskimo in strawberry n vanilla flavor

what i got from Skin Food

end of my friday story...can't wait for another friday...

Have A nice day...

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