Monday, July 27, 2009

J CARD Member DAy

Last thursday was J Card Member in Jusco Wangsa Maju...
Being a J card member for a long time ago but i 've never been to any of J card day not becoz i was busy or anything but becoz malas nak bersesak2 with ramai2 orang..But that day i determined to go since my sister was around.. so after work n reached home i told my sister to get ready coz we are going after Maghrib..
As what i expected the crowd were crazy..including the traffic of cos..but we managed to get thru it..parking jauh giler dari Jusco and we walked there..
once we entered the ladies department, it was very large of people shouting,running everywhere like nobody care
We all apa lagi...go and search apa2 yang berkenan di hati..seriously discounts up to 80%..all the makcik2 were screaming for the bags..luckily ada HAppy Hours..lots of brands were being offered..My intention to buy towels only..but end up buying 2 cardigans,2 comforter sets 70% for my new bed..yahooo :) well gurls always cannot deny when it comes to discount rite...LOL
Overall it worth buying coz i spend only rm 200++ for all those things.and also i receive RM20 voucher..jimat kan saya..hehehe...will keep colecting the voucher coz i've already have rm 100(get it from lucky draw)
So nti bile2 ada J Card day i will attend it..i juz love SALES..and looking forward for other Sales especially MEGA Sales..

things that i bought on J Card day....nak beli byk lg but xckp tgn nak bwk...

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