Sunday, July 19, 2009

BB Makeover ++ Public Enemies++ShOPpiNG

OLLA PeEps :)

This entry nak story pasal what i do this weekeend...actually excited cket this week coz i got the complimentary makeover from Bobbi Brown worth Rm180(xde amik gmbo)plus their complimentary sample cleansing oil.... thanks to REena yg inform the treasure hunt contest thru her blog...
It was my first time having a makeover or shud i say i wore makeup.. for those who knew me, i never wore any makeup before..except for lip gloss/lip balm..that's not makeup but it's a must have in every gurls handbag....i pakai baby powder je ok..hahaha..enough of crap..

So around 12 o'clock i dah terpacak kt PAvillion..terus ke kaunter tiket untuk menonton wayang.. waa sungguh tidak ku sangka begitu ramai orang..semuanya dok beratur nak tgk Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince...being me yg malas nak berebut untuk tgk cite itu..i opt for other stori like ICe ape layan cartoon..but sadly bila dah penat2 beratur..sampai my turn seat plak yg wat hal..dapat seat yg depan sekali..i was erkk..i told my fren tgk cite lain sume muvie lambat or selling fast or seat we opt for Public Enemies. 3.10 pm....but being me yg xsuke cite serius.. terpaksa redha laa..layan..zasss

Bobbi Brown Pavillion
Sementara nak tunggu muvie...i pegi la redeem my makeover..hahaha sebenarnya tula tujuannya..tgk muvie adalah alasan sahaja..jgn tertipu..hahahha..i headed to BB store coz my appointment was around 2 pm..sampi2 je i was greeted by Christy Wong and she asked me to fill in the form and waited for her to prepared the place for me..dalam hati terpikir cmne la muka i nanti dah makeup..since i xpenah kan..worried plus excited....xsabo nak tgk the outcome..

Some of the products yang digunakan
Firstly, before start makeup..Christy(my makeup artist for that day) cakap my face was a bit dry around cheek and around the eyes..she adviced me to use eye cream day n night..and get more rest...Then she cleaned my face with eye makeup remover. She put Hydrating Eye Cream and Vitamin Enriched Face Base as my makeup base..After that, she put Brightening Cream Foundation Natural shade. She asked me, what makeup i want..whether dramatic or smokey eyes or i opt for natural coz after the session, i nak watched muvie...xkan la nak sakan ngn makeup bagai...sure org tgk pelik jek..

After complete part muka, Christy put on Sepia -Gel Eyeliner to open up my eyes,Shimmer Eye Shadow in Lilac and last but not least the No Smudge Mascara in Brown..Before she done all that she said to me that i need to concentrate on my eyes coz i had dark she told me to use the corrector in Dark Bisque. She told me that it can be use daily or just when you need extra coverage. Then followed by the Conceller -Honey.

The last one, she put on the blusher - Washed Rose(Shimmer Blush). i do love the color coz x pinky sgt n look more natural on my face...So taddaaaa with makeup... Overall i'm satisfied with my makeup..n looking forward to makeup kena belajarr byk laa tentang ilmu makeup...coz with makeup ni kalo salah mau nya jadi tepung gomak..LOL

Christy is writting the details on what she had used
yours truly with Christy - the makeup artist

harus ada ok...posing dalam toilet...LOL

complimentary cleansing oil - new product

Overall i'm very satisfied with the makeup n the new cleansing oil...and my experience using it for the 1st was very gentle where olive and jojoba oil works together to dissolve makeup and impurities and leaving the skin soft-after feel, soothing and calming coz it has ginger root to sooth and calm the skin

So, i recomend to all ladies out there to try it out..cost irt worth..for more details

So i'm all set to watch Public Enemies(boringgg)...and do some SHOPPING(yahOOo)....

my catch for the day..bag sekadar hiasan..

Thanks you Bobbi Brown for giving a free makeover ^_^


reena said...

Glad u like the makeover! (Cewah, cam i plak yang keja Bobbi Brown. Haha). Orang lain tak redeem makeover, i je yang blom. Huhu.

reena said...

Opss! Terlupa plak. Ooohhhh..i nampak itu bag yang cantik menawan! Ngee.

yaNa MaLeK said...

reena : hehehe thanks 2 u laa yg inform bout the makeover..tula 1st time i cm best lak..nti2 leh makeup lg..hehehe..cepat la redeem pastu jgn lupe blog ek..

Anonymous said...

nanti shop lagi ek...ngan tgk muvie age lak

jetsetter said...

Hi Yana!
Bag tu cantik menawan tertarik!
Nice knowing ya!

yaNa MaLeK said...

jetsetter : hi..tq2..i'm ur silent reader dolu..
love 2 read ur blog..keep updating ya mostly bout ur pregnancy..
nice knowing u too..

snowiffy said...

ya beg itu cun! awat x pose betul2 after make-over. upload la close-up pix. nk tgk!!!

yaNa MaLeK said...

snowiffy : hehhe malu la kak nak pose n amik pic close-up..