Monday, July 27, 2009

Last Fr!DaY


When it comes to Friday...everybody was very happy coz it's the end of the week..same goes with me who loves FriDay very much...coz time of working shorter that everyday(break time was longer due to friday prayer) this time were all the women goes shopping without men..hahahha
as for me last friday, i take the opportunity to work half day since i need to go somewhere to pickup things(my work also)...where am i going??? jeng jeng....Berjaya Times Square
so at 12.00pm sharp i started packing my stuff n finished all my works..then rushed to Times aim was to settle my work n do some window shopping with my sister..
It took me half an hour to reach Times Square..coz no jammed...hoorey..after parking then we headed to NoKIA centre which located in the building it self...when everything seem ok..we proceed to the next agenda..Window Shopping TIme...
but our stomach starts making a noise asking for FOOD..yeah eating i opt for Kentucky Fried Chicken..would like to try the new Cheezy Chickaroni..was tempted by the word cheezy..oooOO sooo likey very much..
we ordered 2 Snack plate set(hot& spicy chicken) and of cos Cheezy Chickaroni..i can't wait to taste it..and yeah it suits my in tv says it have lots of chicken balls n creamy cheese..yes the do have...i ate all of them...then i turned to my snack plate..imagine how my nafsu dragon kan..hahahha..after finishing our meals..we went for window shopping..great sales but none caught my we decided to go back home..
On our back home, i've changed my mind instead of going straight home we went to Jusco AU2 to look for my skin food..hey skin also need food to keep healthy...dun think we people need food..reached Jusco we performed our Zuhur prayer then to Skin Food store..
i was greeted by the SA(she's beautiful and young), i told her that i'm looking for a cleaser and skin care product to minimize my pores....she asked what is my skin i said it's a combination type so she suggested Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser ...then to minimize the pores she suggested me to get the Peach Sake Toner and Peach Sake Serum..i skipped the moisturizer since i already have Yerba Mate Gel time will try Skin Foon moisturizer(cucumber n aloe vera)
After briefing how to use the product...i grap 3 items and i receive a complimentary mirror(buy more than rm100)'s so lovely..i like it vey much..not to forget i've receive a 2 samples and a loyalty card where every rm20 purchase ur entitled 1 stamp..after completed 1 tier u can redeem with free gifts..if ur patient enough juz wait till u reach 4 tier..hadiah lagi best laa...then we headed to Daily Fresh to buy's like ice crush with a strawberry's soo eating bila cuaca tengah panas terik..lega rasanya...
waa sudah penat berjalan-jalan we got back to home sweet home..

waa delicious isn't it...yummy

our lunch...

finished already..licin

skin food store at Jusco AU2

eskimo in strawberry n vanilla flavor

what i got from Skin Food

end of my friday story...can't wait for another friday...

Have A nice day...

J CARD Member DAy

Last thursday was J Card Member in Jusco Wangsa Maju...
Being a J card member for a long time ago but i 've never been to any of J card day not becoz i was busy or anything but becoz malas nak bersesak2 with ramai2 orang..But that day i determined to go since my sister was around.. so after work n reached home i told my sister to get ready coz we are going after Maghrib..
As what i expected the crowd were crazy..including the traffic of cos..but we managed to get thru it..parking jauh giler dari Jusco and we walked there..
once we entered the ladies department, it was very large of people shouting,running everywhere like nobody care
We all apa lagi...go and search apa2 yang berkenan di hati..seriously discounts up to 80%..all the makcik2 were screaming for the bags..luckily ada HAppy Hours..lots of brands were being offered..My intention to buy towels only..but end up buying 2 cardigans,2 comforter sets 70% for my new bed..yahooo :) well gurls always cannot deny when it comes to discount rite...LOL
Overall it worth buying coz i spend only rm 200++ for all those things.and also i receive RM20 voucher..jimat kan saya..hehehe...will keep colecting the voucher coz i've already have rm 100(get it from lucky draw)
So nti bile2 ada J Card day i will attend it..i juz love SALES..and looking forward for other Sales especially MEGA Sales..

things that i bought on J Card day....nak beli byk lg but xckp tgn nak bwk...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy BirthDay!!!!!

hi There...

actually this entry should be post last week but due to my time constrains, this is the rite time to blog it out..

nothing much i just gave them a special surprise cuppies..present nti pilih sendiri coz i dunno what to give...hehhehe...

actually i've ordered the cuppies from kak on 14th July i took leave n drove all the way to putrajaya to pickup the cuppies..i'm love with the design (as what i requested) n the taste was very yummy..Thanks a bunch to kak Anna

after that me and my sista when to KLCC to send the cuppies to THEM..
i'm glad that u liked it very much...yeah dah tua kan U..


now feast ur eyes wit the cuppies...EnJoy!!!!!!

simple but nice design...suppose to be ABAH...we laugh aloud..xpenah2 ok pgl ayah...

chelsea his favourite team






MISS ALL OUR MEMORIES TOGETHER..with all the KEPOHCI and what not..

FARAH...IMAH...YANA plus si Kecik EA

since 1998 - forever

p.s : LOVE U GUYS SOO deeply


Sunday, July 19, 2009

BB Makeover ++ Public Enemies++ShOPpiNG

OLLA PeEps :)

This entry nak story pasal what i do this weekeend...actually excited cket this week coz i got the complimentary makeover from Bobbi Brown worth Rm180(xde amik gmbo)plus their complimentary sample cleansing oil.... thanks to REena yg inform the treasure hunt contest thru her blog...
It was my first time having a makeover or shud i say i wore makeup.. for those who knew me, i never wore any makeup before..except for lip gloss/lip balm..that's not makeup but it's a must have in every gurls handbag....i pakai baby powder je ok..hahaha..enough of crap..

So around 12 o'clock i dah terpacak kt PAvillion..terus ke kaunter tiket untuk menonton wayang.. waa sungguh tidak ku sangka begitu ramai orang..semuanya dok beratur nak tgk Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince...being me yg malas nak berebut untuk tgk cite itu..i opt for other stori like ICe ape layan cartoon..but sadly bila dah penat2 beratur..sampai my turn seat plak yg wat hal..dapat seat yg depan sekali..i was erkk..i told my fren tgk cite lain sume muvie lambat or selling fast or seat we opt for Public Enemies. 3.10 pm....but being me yg xsuke cite serius.. terpaksa redha laa..layan..zasss

Bobbi Brown Pavillion
Sementara nak tunggu muvie...i pegi la redeem my makeover..hahaha sebenarnya tula tujuannya..tgk muvie adalah alasan sahaja..jgn tertipu..hahahha..i headed to BB store coz my appointment was around 2 pm..sampi2 je i was greeted by Christy Wong and she asked me to fill in the form and waited for her to prepared the place for me..dalam hati terpikir cmne la muka i nanti dah makeup..since i xpenah kan..worried plus excited....xsabo nak tgk the outcome..

Some of the products yang digunakan
Firstly, before start makeup..Christy(my makeup artist for that day) cakap my face was a bit dry around cheek and around the eyes..she adviced me to use eye cream day n night..and get more rest...Then she cleaned my face with eye makeup remover. She put Hydrating Eye Cream and Vitamin Enriched Face Base as my makeup base..After that, she put Brightening Cream Foundation Natural shade. She asked me, what makeup i want..whether dramatic or smokey eyes or i opt for natural coz after the session, i nak watched muvie...xkan la nak sakan ngn makeup bagai...sure org tgk pelik jek..

After complete part muka, Christy put on Sepia -Gel Eyeliner to open up my eyes,Shimmer Eye Shadow in Lilac and last but not least the No Smudge Mascara in Brown..Before she done all that she said to me that i need to concentrate on my eyes coz i had dark she told me to use the corrector in Dark Bisque. She told me that it can be use daily or just when you need extra coverage. Then followed by the Conceller -Honey.

The last one, she put on the blusher - Washed Rose(Shimmer Blush). i do love the color coz x pinky sgt n look more natural on my face...So taddaaaa with makeup... Overall i'm satisfied with my makeup..n looking forward to makeup kena belajarr byk laa tentang ilmu makeup...coz with makeup ni kalo salah mau nya jadi tepung gomak..LOL

Christy is writting the details on what she had used
yours truly with Christy - the makeup artist

harus ada ok...posing dalam toilet...LOL

complimentary cleansing oil - new product

Overall i'm very satisfied with the makeup n the new cleansing oil...and my experience using it for the 1st was very gentle where olive and jojoba oil works together to dissolve makeup and impurities and leaving the skin soft-after feel, soothing and calming coz it has ginger root to sooth and calm the skin

So, i recomend to all ladies out there to try it out..cost irt worth..for more details

So i'm all set to watch Public Enemies(boringgg)...and do some SHOPPING(yahOOo)....

my catch for the day..bag sekadar hiasan..

Thanks you Bobbi Brown for giving a free makeover ^_^

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BusY MoDe...


I'm in Very busyy mode....

actually banyak sangat nak update but due to time work load byk sgt


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kes Hilang Ingatan Sementara...nauzubillah

Argghh...what's happening to me to day????

dari pagi nak pegi keje sampai la ke office cm blur jek..kenapa ek..=P

1 Case :

i forgot to bring my camera along and telekung br beli dari auntie my intention konun nye nak tunjuk kt someone..*****.bought all the way from Vietnam..jauh tu...unfortunately tertinggal.. i realized when i'm on the way to the maksudnya after keje kena la balik umah dolu since kami dah janji to have dinner together..i dah prepare the nite before semuanye...telekung dah masukkan dalam paper bag n letak tepi pulak i inside the paper bagg also...macam mana leh terlupa ni..aisehhh...boleh di maafkan lgi n igt isu ilang ingatan stopped smpi situ je....wait till the 2nd thing happened..lagi parah..

2nd Case :

br je belaku tadi di office jam 3.30 pm...i dah prepare surat semua n nak hantar ke admin utk diproses..tapi i singgah bilik bos kejap untuk copy another sheet that i need to make my report..pastu i pegi la photocopy the sheet, masa tu ramai laa bdak2 admin tengah buat kerja semua.. i potong queue jap coz rushing nk gi solat..after settle photocopy trus gi admin to hand in the letter. suddenly i realized sumthing missing..gosh i missed the letter(dalam hati..mane aku letak surat tu..rasenya dah amik semua td) trus ape lagi "menggagau" cari sume tmpt yg i singgah td..mtk tolong bdak2 admin tu crikan sume...i ke hulu dan ke hilir(read: mcm jururawat..tingat ms di hostel sorang warden marah kitorg jalan2 tepi korridor) lol...last-last i br teringat yg surat tu dah hantar before adoyai sah ni mmg kes short -term memory lost..bile dah bgtau bdak2 admin, dorang pakat gelak jek..(mesti dlam hati...napela officer ni pelik2)

So tu la ceritanya untuk arini ni...hopefully kes mcm ni setakat sini je la..malu beb kena gelak...^_^

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Words of the Day

All that is given cheerfully and generously to another will comes back to you and enriches your life in unexpected ways

What is a SMILE?

A SMILE is a curve that can set a lot of things straight

so what are u waiting for guys....just smile to make ur life more beautiful and happy
there's no harm if u always smiling...
Just bear in mind if
make other people’s day happy, and they would do the same thing for you!

does she have a perfect smile..god i love her smile....

(source frm

Sunday, July 5, 2009


How's ur weekend u all???

i'm sure it's very interesting rite..
as for me, it's very tiring but i enjoyed most of the time..
yesterday i accompany my sista to a swimming was a sudden decision when my sista told me that she wanted to enroll a swimming class..the idea came when she heard my cousin mother..asked her daughter whether wanted to a swimming class or not..
i think it was a cool idea, then she said at putrajaya had a swimming class..we checked tru the site and we manage to get the contact and asked all the info that we needed..can u imagine to enroll a swimming class u just need RM 70 for 4 classes..murah kann..mane nak dapat cmtu kat KL..but of course ade option(package) yang lain..u can check
The instructur is very friendly and u can start on-the-spot..dun worry if u dont have a swim wear..coz she jual it also..bolkini..for muslimah..
As for a start, my sista when to her 1st class on last friday..her comment bout the class was very attempting..that make me n my friends wanted to join also..but since i'm working that day we postponed to another time la..on saturday was her 2nd class...i was very impressed that she even can swim frog cool it that..well looking 4wd for another class next week..

my 2nd activity was going to my cousin housewarming including puncak jalil..i was very exited coz i can eat lotss of delicious foods..the food was prepared by my mak ngah..masakan kampung..ayam rendang,gulai ikan masin nenas, satay, lontong, nasi impit, daging kari, sambal belacan and ulam-ulaman..not to forget modern cake..cuppies and traditional kueh..i ate a lot..sampai xleh laa just kidding..overall it's very enjoying be it the foods or the peoples..

i think thats all for now..nti update nye activity lagi ..meeting wit my gurl friends..updating mane yg tertinggal and what not...ape lagi kan gossipss

have a nice day!!!!

(pictures not included coz i forgot to take

Friday, July 3, 2009


hi everyone...Welcome to my blog =)

dunno what to write actually, nervous mybe coz it takes me few hours to think what to write in my first post..hahhaha LOL..ever since i've been a silent reader for soo many blogs reads all the stories of their life(happy, sad, ups and downs), passions (designer handbag, shopping, travelling) and etc makes me feel like to have one where i can share thoughts, passions, express my feelings,and what i've learned thru out my life..

So i guess this is the best n rite time i would start my blogging activity n make more friends thru the cyberworld..especially bloggers..yg dulu nye saya as silent reader to ur blog and now i'm a blogger too..can't wait to bloghopping

I don’t think I’ll update my blog as frequent as other bloggers out there, as I don’t really have time for that because I’m a full time worker.. And always busy with tonnes of workloads and whatnot.

Dah banyak menceceh i'll think i stop here before merepek lagi banyak..heheh..

Happy reading u guys..need lots of tunjuk ajar lagi dalam memenarik kan my otai2 blog tunjuk ajar kalian amtla diharapkan..=)